April 03, 2020

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The New Story: Interbeing

Submitted by: John Perkins

Posted: Apr 06, 2015 – 06:00 AM EST

Tags: sustainability, finance, economics


I’m excited to be co-hosting the annual Love Summit organized by Dream Change this summer. Please join us! Information below.

The old story: violence to end violence. Destruction of resources to create economic growth. Profiting from separation. “They” are different; “they” are the problem. 

Netanyahu clamors for war with Iran – and wins the election. ISIS terrorizes the Middle East. US civilian-killing drones wreak havoc on peace negotiations. Moscow and Washington face off across the Ukraine. 

The Question:

What will it take for us to live together on this fragile space station, Earth?  

Policies and profits have created this world of stark contrasts that is unsustainable if we want a future in which our children and grandchildren can enjoy peace, spiritual prosperity, and basic human rights.

Far from wanting to lead the world into peace, many in the US make themselves rich off the violent clashes in other countries. The problem isn’t just that violence doesn’t stop violence, but that there are people and organizations who see dollar signs by creating and exacerbating violence and war.

A recent study by IHS Inc., cited at Common Dreams demonstrates that nations and multinational corporations compete for money and power at each other’s expense – and at the expense of innocent lives. This trend is predicted to continue to rise as the potential for profits increases.

The “defense trade” is a booming business that depends on war, violence, and bloodshed – or the mere threat of these – and the ravaging of the Earth’s resources. It is time to turn this Death Economy into a Peace or Life Economy (based on businesses that clean up pollution and benefit from peace and Earth stewardship).

When we live in fear of each other and are focused on our differences instead of our similarities, we miss the joy that comes from collaboration and the solutions that will create a better future.

The Answer:

A new story. The story of Interconnectedness, or (to use Charles Eisenstein’s word) Interbeing

By flexing our power in the marketplace and with our letters and calls to our elected officials, we can change the way businesses work. When we reward companies that are committed to people and nature instead of just maximizing profits and when we boycott companies that exploit war and the environment, we create a new system.

Dream Change, a non-profit I founded more than 25 years ago, is committed to the New Story and is sponsoring an annual Love Summit, dedicated to bringing compassion into business and establishing a global Life Economy. Businesses clearly have a powerful impact on the world; they can be either creative and sustainable or destructive. By teaching executives that “compassion – love – is good business,” we can shift the story in meaningful ways.

The Love Summit is a big step in that direction. It is a recognition that “business as usual” is not working – even for those who profit financially from the Old Story – and that those businesses that transform themselves will be the success stories of the future.

It is time to stop thinking about separation, about differences, and about the things that keep us apart. Let’s change the story of separation that has dominated human philosophies for far too long into a story of solidarity. Let’s turn the Death Economy into a Life Economy — the War Mentality into a Peace Mentality, the Hate Reaction into a Love Reaction.


June 13th, 2015: The Love Summit
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015
Location: Portland, OR at the Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency
Details: http://dreamchange.org/the-love-summit-2015/
Registration: Early Bird Tickets on sale until April 15: http://dreamchange.org/the-love-summit-2015/buy-tickets/

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