February 26, 2020

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Finding the Balance: 7 Ways to Ensure Your CSR News Inspires & Activates

Your people need to hear from you, to be asked multiple times, to learn how to make a difference, to have options and time. And, they need stories that inspire them.


By Gina Rude, Accenture

How we choose to “share” what we do is one key decision we face every day as communication channels broaden and diversify. It can be hard to keep track of all the mechanisms/media to get stories heard, and even a bigger challenge with company communications.

On the flip side, we continue to hear that there are too many communications. What is a CSR team to do?

In my role at Accenture, we continue to look at ways to communicate in creative and impactful ways. For example:

1. Localize communications

People care more about what they canAccenture-communications latch on to and easily grasp from a local perspective. More customized local communications on a monthly basis resonate with employees.

2. Peer-to-peer stories

Let people share their own stories. Hearing from someone that is at the same position or career level can inspire someone to get involved. When one can see change in peers or see a passion that is tangible, they may be more inclined to get involved too.

3. Host all-employee calls

If you have new joiners coming in on a regular basis, these calls are a great way to share more about your CSR program. Invite them within the first year, after they have had time to get acclimated, so they can focus on ways to be engaged through company-sponsored events.

4. Create a video/telestration

A quick simplified message can sometimes get across better than the 30-slide PowerPoint boardroom-teleconferencepresentation.

5. Obtain quotes

Solicit or save quotes you get from volunteers or employees who give through your employee-giving campaign. When people hear these genuine testimonials, they feel a better connection.

6. Social Network

If your company has an internal channel, create an account for your CC team and post real-time information on upcoming opportunities or summaries of previous events. Ask questions to get the conversation going.

7. Money Talks

Grants made in honor of volunteer efforts can create a valuable synergy between giving and recognizing your people for the work they are doing.

Communication is a key ingredient in a successful relationship and a successful program. Your people need to hear from you, to be asked multiple times, to learn how to make a difference, to have options and time. And, they need stories that inspire them.

Only then will they raise their hand and share their own story.employee-engagement

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About the Author:

Gina Rude is with the Accenture Corporate Citizenship team in the US. She manages volunteer programs, people engagement and the employee giving programs to drive location strategies and involvement. Gina is passionate about helping employees find passion and purpose in a corporate environment and building engagement through giving back to the community.

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