June 26, 2019

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Funding Diversity in the Sciences and Arts of Light and Life

Submitted by: The Zoological Lighting Institute

Categories: Philanthropy & Corporate Contributions, Environment

Posted: Feb 21, 2019 – 02:37 PM EST


The Zoological Lighting Institute, the global leader in promoting animal welfare and wildlife conservation matters related to light and lighting, is pleased to announce new research and design scholarship opportunities beginning 24 Feb. 2019 and running through 1 May, 2019.

NEW YORK, Feb. 21 /CSRwire/ - Supporting communities by supporting the sciences through the arts for animal welfare and wildlife conservation, The Zoological Lighting Institute is awarding four $1000 grants in the design fields (fashion, architecture and product design) and eight $500 grants within the sciences of light and life (photobiology, sensory ecology and environmental studies). Two special ‘PhotoDiversity’ grants aim to promote social inclusion across the sciences and design fields, though every ZLI Award takes the embrace of diversity as a priority. Sustainable design grants are open to all, with the ‘PhotoSciences’ grants being available to graduate and post-doctorate researchers. Applicants wishing to obtain a The Zoological Lighting Institute Grant should follow procedures listed at <<www.zoolighting.org>>.

“The Zoological Lighting Institute is proud to encourage research that raises awareness of the importance of natural light, and the terrible challenge posed to community health, safety and welfare by changes to the natural luminous world,” relayed Dr. James Karl Fischer, The Zoological Lighting Institute Executive Director. “We believe in positive support to address challenges, and in the creativity of designers and scientists alike to tackle seemingly impossible situations. The fact of the matter is that light pollution is a direct and major cause of biodiversity-loss, harming animals and humans alike. We believe that together we can do something about this.”

The Zoological Lighting Institute is actively seeking co-marketing and CSR partnerships for this grant program, and to fund full post doctorate studies in the future. For CSR Inquiries, please contact Program Director Hazel Sangalang  at admin@zoolighting.org.


The Zoological Lighting Institute is a unique charitable 501 c(3) with a mission to ‘Support the Sciences of Light and Life through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation,’  The Zoological Lighting Institute embraces the concept of ‘PhotoDiversity,’ referring to the importance that the diversity of natural light holds for living things, as well as the importance of cultural, social and human diversity has for science and its application. With an international Board of Directors overseeing four departments, including Film & Media, Education, Sustainable Design and the PhotoSciences, The Zoological Lighting Institute is breaking new terrain in the application of science to address the under appreciated realm of light and life. Please visit www.zoolighting.org for more information.

Dr. Brett Seymoure PhD, ZLI PhotoSciences Department Chair


For more information, please contact:

James Karl Fischer PhD Executive Director
Phone: 2123172927
Fax: 2123172927
Hazel Sangalang Program Director
Phone: 2123172927
Dr. Brett Seymoure PhD PhotoSciences Director
Phone: 2123172927
Phone 2: 9739791984
Fax: 2123172927


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