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John Marshall Roberts Launches Roberts Worldview Assessment at Sustainable Brands '10

RWA helps companies shift thinking and inspire positive behavior change through psychometric 'worldview' insights

Submitted by: Worldview Learning

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Posted: Jun 09, 2010 – 02:34 PM EST


MONTEREY, Calif., Jun. 09 /CSRwire/ - John Marshall Roberts, author of "Igniting Inspiration," and founder of Worldview Learning launched his new consumer insights product, the Roberts Worldview Assessment [RWA], at the Sustainable Brands '10 conference today. RWA is a scientifically designed business tool to help change attitudes and inspire positive behavior change in mainstream audiences. This innovative psychometric tool takes a valid and reliable inventory of the core values, attitudes and thinking styles that determine how a person - or a group - makes sense of the vast array of communications to which they're exposed every day.

The Roberts Worldview Assessment is based on a developmental psychology framework with 40 years of data-collection and 30 years of global field-testing. Its dynamic reporting style allowing for easy data-integration at group levels, which helps organizational professionals attain deep insights into the true underlying drivers of customer and employee behavior.

For individuals, the RWA provides an incisive evaluation of a person's communication preferences across a wide spectrum of values and social attitudes, information that can then be used to pinpoint core leadership aspirations, develop empathy skills, improve social leadership insights, foster social optimism and promote the systems thinking.

"RWA is a tool to empower today's top business visionaries and social innovators," said John Marshall Roberts, creator of the Roberts Worldview Assessment. "The leaders using this will have unprecedented leverage for building trust, and inspiring common vision with even the most die-hard of skeptics."

The RWA produces wide consumer base insights by rolling up the psychometric data into a group-level report. This information is then be used by marketers, agency account planners and media strategists to identify key consumers, recognize their core values and aspirations, and then create authentic communication strategies and tactics that resonate deeply with those values and preferences. By overcoming the short-sightedness of conventional demographics-based thinking, RWA data helps marketers increase market share and inspire new brand zealots, online and off.

The detailed RWA reporting contains eight primary scales, which together, provide a comprehensive and integrated portrait of a person's communication worldview. Worldview Learning provides a computer-generated strategic report for the RWA called Worldview Insights Report©. This carefully developed and thoroughly validated 15-page document contains easy-to-read graphs, a scale-by-scale interpretation of test results, and immediately actionable Worldview Insights™ for communicators who wish to build trust and inspire behavior change.

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