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Poverty Needs Marketing

BRANDAID Project Helps Turn Poverty into Prosperity through Social Entrepreneurship

Submitted by: BRANDAID Project

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Posted: Sep 09, 2009 – 10:00 AM EST


TORONTO, Sep. 09 /CSRwire/ - BRANDAID Project ( is a radical new idea in international development bringing market, brand and celebrity power to developing world microenterprises so they can gain access to worldwide markets, sell their stunning artworks at fair prices, share in the profit and gain independence.

Master Artisans and their working communities are found throughout the developing world creating authentic and highly marketable artworks. Most are cut off by a market divide due to a lack of capital, marketing capacity and effective market access. When they do find buyers, their work is undervalued and commoditized. BRANDAID Project bridges this market divide by bringing the capabilities of modern marketing, photography, filmmaking and e-commerce to the hand-made artisan world. It is a hybrid model. There is a profit sharing business - The BRANDAID Project, and a not for profit arm - The BRANDAID Foundation.

"When we saw the contrast of the stunning art and the stark poverty in Haiti, we just had to get involved"

-Josh Brolin and Diane Lane, Patrons of BRANDAID Project.

"I am very excited about investing in BRANDAID Project - helping to turn poverty into prosperity through social entrepreneurship. It's wonderful to find opportunities to create disruptive change and make a difference, in an area in which I am passionate."

- Yung Wu, entrepreneur and BRANDAID Project investor:

How BRANDAID Project works

Through collaboration with UNESCO and other global networks of experts BRANDAID Project identifies artisan communities that are Master led and community based. We then create a brand name, wordmark and positioning for a collection which will represent the best work of a given Master Artisan community. Working with the communities and Masters, we select and buy an entire collection of their finest, most authentic and representative work. The Collection is then launched on e-commerce site supported by a launch event and other celebrity based marketing activities. BRANDAID Project will also market the Collections to select retailers. Artisan communities share in 35% of the profits, 25% going directly to the artisans and 10% going to the BRANDAID Foundation for implementing skills development and community improvement projects.

Croix des Bouquets Metal Sculptures and Carnival Jakmel Papier Mache collections are the first Artisan Brands now available for sale at These collections have been created from recycled oil drums and discarded cement bags by artisans from the Haitian communities of Croix des Bouquets and Jakmel.

Diane Lane, Josh Brolin and BRANDAID Project co-founder and Oscar winning director Paul Haggis are patrons of these collection, watch this video to discover more about their involvement and launch event in LA earlier this Spring.

"BRANDAID Project is my biggest customer. It is unique because it wants to partner with us, present us to the world and it is certainly doing this as it has never been done before. The best thing about BRANDAID is we deal directly. There is no intermediary. They help, first of all by buying large orders of our work, which supports my life. They brought me to Los Angeles for an unforgettable evening where people from the Hollywood film industry came to a gala event showing and selling my work. As a result of this I am now known to many famous people. I was pictured in Vanity Fair magazine. Word spreads. The artisan association also benefits the BRANDAID Foundation's work. It is really very exciting for us."

- Serge Jolimeau, Master Artisan:

The BRANDAID Project is about partnering with artisans, real people with real talent, and together creating prosperity in place of poverty. We are encouraging supporters of social entrepreneurship such as you and your organization to help us build awareness and put the artisans on the path to independence.

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