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3M Donates $1 Million to Schools

Published 07-17-00

Submitted by 3M

3M today announced the company is donating $1 million to middle and high schools through its "3M Salute to Schools" program, which provides much-needed security technology that helps libraries with limited resources reduce the loss of valuable materials.

Seventy recipients of the "3M Salute to Schools" donation will receive, free of charge, up to two 3M detection systems for the entrance/exit of their media center, a supply of 3M Tattle-Tape security strips for marking materials and materials processing accessories – a package with an average value of about $15, 000.

Without a detection system, school library media centers can lose hundreds of items every year. The loss of library materials, whether from theft or by accident, limits access for all students to resources for learning. With a detection system at the exit of the library, it is less likely that items will be removed without authorization.

"3M Salute to Schools," sponsored by 3M in partnership with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association, was created to enhance middle and high school library media centers and to support the education and future of the nation' s youth. "Salute to Schools" reflects 3M' s investment in education and technology and AASL' s dedication to library programs that support the teaching and learning environment.

"We received an overwhelming number of applications from schools across the country – more than 540 applications representing nearly every state. The selection process became very challenging due to the overwhelming need demonstrated by so many of these school library media centers," said M. Ellen Jay, president of AASL.

For example, among the 70 schools that will benefit from the generous award is a high school in California in the process of rebuilding its collection after years without state funding, a Kentucky school for at-risk students that has pieced together grants to purchase new books for the first time, a middle school in North Carolina that is the sole source of reading materials for most of the students in a large rural area, and a Texas alternative learning center for students with discipline problems.

"The overwhelming interest in the program tells us there is definitely a need for detection systems in our nation' s school library media centers. 3M is confident each of the schools will see immediate benefits from having more secure collections, " said Don Leslie, marketing manager and organizer of the program for 3M Library Systems." 3M is proud to be able to offer the donation and show its support for schools."

AASL received applications and selected recipients for the donation basing their decision on financial need, demonstrated support for a strong library program and commitment to the project as explained in a statement of need. Only schools with full-time certified school library media specialists were considered. Individual donations vary depending on specific needs of the library, such as the size of a collection and the physical layout of the media center.

3M supports a wide spectrum of academic programs, as well as capital building projects, and believes both are necessary to educate and prepare students for careers that incorporate the latest in technology and innovative thinking. In addition to programs like "3M Salute to Schools," 3M encourages employees and retirees to volunteer in local schools to significantly enhance student development.

3M protects literally billions of individual items in thousands of libraries throughout the world and is the creator of Materials Flow Management, the first system for optimizing the handling, processing and security of library materials. Nearing its 100th anniversary, 3M has operations in more than 60 countries around the world and employs more than 70, 000 people.

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