February 26, 2020

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Globalvision News Network Seeks Sponsors for new International News Feed to U.S. Military Personnel.

Submitted by: Globalvision News Network

Categories: Business Ethics

Posted: Aug 16, 2002 – 12:00 AM EST


Aug. 16 /CSRwire/ - NEW YORK, New York - The Globalvision News Network [GVNews.Net], a fast-growing provider of global news and information and best business practices, is seeking sponsorship for a news service specifically designed to provide access to international news for the U.S.
military personnel.

GVNews.Net is comprised of a network of thousands of professional journalists working for local news organizations around the world. They report the news for local news markets and GVNews.Net picks up this coverage and delivers it worldwide. The Globalvision News Network provides critical news coverage from the "inside out" - first- hand reports from indigenous journalists who are actually living the news - not just reporting the news. Our sources also provide no-holds-barred" opinion, OpEd and analysis. These insights cannot be found on mainstream news outlets based in North America and Western Europe that select and edit the news for Western ears. Our sources can provide the unparalled information and insight to U.S. military personnel deployed in various military theatres around the world.

This is an incredible opportunity for a select number of companies to present their brand and products in a non-invasive, cause-supporting sponsorship to a captive audience that will create binding, long-term customer loyalty.

For the United States Armed Forces, access to GVNews.Net’s news service by soldiers in the field is of inestimable value for several primary reasons:

1. Our sources are in the locales in which they are stationed.
2. Our sources give them local perspective to better understand how to interact with local peoples and understand their concerns, fears and motivations.
3. Soldiers in the field may not be able to access mainstream news sources or local sources online due to technological limitations.

The U.S. Military has many of issues to deal with regarding access to the Internet for military personnel in the field due primarily to commercialization and graphics. Internet sites that eat bandwidth due to heavy graphics or use JavaScript's to pop-up multiple windows are things that cannot be tolerated by the military. The U.S. military has a saying that has special significance for Internet access - "To Go the Last Mile". What that means is that it is easy to go 5,000 miles, but that last mile to the soldier in the field might be through WD-1 field wire on a 9600-baud connection and he can't wait for all the fancy glitz to pop up and get out of his way. The military uses the KISS principle (keep it simple soldier) with web access - and so will GVNews.Net.

GVNews.Net has the technology to deliver news feeds onto a text-based web page that the military can then link to. Creation of this specific feed will require several dedicated editors, a dedicated web master, customization of our categorization engine to stream only relevant news [i.e. no local soccer scores and "filler" stories] and to provide editorial guidance. There are also other initial set-up costs to maintain the integrity and security of the site.

Clearly, sponsorship of this news service will provide a very high profile to the limited number of sponsors that we can accommodate. In addition to prominent mention of the sponsors on the news site [text only], there are numerous creative options for providing non-graphic advertising/sponsorship:

1. Inclusion in the news feed of
o Reviews of the sponsor’s products.
o New product news releases.
o Short stories or featurettes starring the sponsor’s products [ala BMW films].
2. Text-based advertising, price announcements, incentives, etc. on the news page.
3. Advertisements in other military-focused periodicals and outlets advising of the availability of local/international news.

For additional information, please refer to the contact information below.

About GVNews.Net

GVNews. Net was created by Globalvision New Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Emmy-award-winning media company Globalvision, Inc., which was founded by respected television journalists and media executives in 1987. GVNews.Net extends the international relationships, media expertise and
accomplishments of its founders to create a news venture driven by a commitment to better and
more diverse coverage of world events, issues and trends and global best business practices.

For more information, please contact:

Rory O’Connor Globalvision New Media, Inc.
Phone: (212) 246-0202, x300
Michael Summerfield Globalvision New Media, Inc.
Phone: (212) 246-0202 x3031


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