July 16, 2020

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Launch of "Freedom from Mid-East Oil"

Submitted by: World Business Academy

Categories: Renewable & Alternative Energy, Research, Reports & Publications

Posted: Dec 17, 2007 – 09:30 AM EST


World Business Academy's roadmap to U.S. energy independence

Dec. 17 /CSRwire/ - December 17, 2007 - Freedom from Mid-East Oil

"...a roadmap for solving the oil and climate problems simultaneously." Amory Lovins

"The practical steps offered in this book could literally save our world." Deepak Chopra

"This Plan can help create millions of new jobs...and boost our exports." Hazel Henderson

You Tube:
Watch World Business Academy fellow Jerry Brown PhD discuss why this book is so important

"Freedom from Mid-East Oil" is a fool-proof plan to gain energy independence within a decade or sooner. Never before has one book investigated the topic of energy so thoroughly or provided such clear direction for the future.

The book's 537 pages fully describe how to boost the U.S. economy, create prosperity for businesses, win peace, and curb the climate crisis -- written with hard science, brilliant insight and remarkable clarity:

  • Comprehensive global analysis of oil supply and demand, coal, nuclear power, natural gas and tar sands

  • Risks to national security caused by oil addiction

  • Review of existing renewable technology that can be implemented quickly through informed choices and political will

  • Profit potential in the renewable energy age

  • Consequences of CO2 and other greenhouse gases filling our atmosphere

  • Why nuclear will only make a bad situation much worse.

  • Millions of jobs to be created in the push to renewables that can strengthen the U.S. economy and create new export technology opportunities

  • Where we are, where we must go, how to get there, and how long it will take

  • Prometheus Plan - How the U.S. can replace Middle Eastern oil by 2015

  • How business, government and each citizen can lead the way

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