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GiveMeaning.com Unveils Web 3.0 Redesign of its User-Driven Fundraising and Cause Awareness Website

Submitted by: GiveMeaning Foundation

Categories: Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy & Corporate Contributions

Posted: Jun 06, 2007 – 04:48 PM EST


Proprietary web technology transforms philanthropic website into instigator of social change

Jun. 06 /CSRwire/ - Vancouver, BC — June 6, 2007 — The acclaimed GiveMeaning.com website, which raised over $2 million for charity, is pleased to unveil a redesigned version of its website. The new site applies innovative, patent-pending web technology to let visitors submit, review, comment and act on stories they read in the news, as well as track stories and fundraising projects on an interactive map through geotagging.

GiveMeaning is also offering the technology for license, giving other websites a better way to manage and enrich user-generated content.

“This is web 3.0,” said GiveMeaning’s CEO, Tom Williams. “Even though we were one of the first web sites to be tagged as part of the web 2.0 revolution in 2005, we’ve stepped back and created the next generation of GiveMeaning.com, building and applying some new and innovative technology that responds to the deficiencies and shortcomings of the web 2.0 technology and processes. The result could prove to be a radical contribution to the ‘online social networking’ and ‘philanthrosphere’ worlds.”

The new version of GiveMeaning.com, built in response to two years of feedback from GiveMeaning members, adds many new features to the site’s preexisting content of fundraising projects. The new site lets users:

Submit news stories that need action: Visitors to the site can submit news stories about issues that need the attention and action of the GiveMeaning community, transforming the site from one that offers tools to act in the world to one that also instigates action.

Comment on and share news stories: Users can comment on the news stories, send stories by email and track blogs that cover the story.

Tag site content: A collaborative tagging system allows each member of the GiveMeaning community to vote on the five most relevant tags for each piece of site content, eliminating the problem of tag spam.

Act on issues in the news: Links to GiveMeaning fundraising projects or proposals let readers directly act on what they see in the news by supporting a project or proposing their own.

Rate site content: GiveMeaning has created an entirely different approach to rating content that includes a reputation management system that rewards participants for thoughtful contributions. All content on the site, including news stories, fundraising projects and fundraising proposals are rated on three criteria: importance, information and quality. User comments about a news story can also be rated on the basis of “respect” and “clarity”. As a result, the best rated submissions rise to the top of the discussion board.

Instantly access valuable content: One page lists all the stories, projects and proposals that have been rated as most important, valuable, informative and credible by the GiveMeaning community.

Search by topic and by location: All site content is indexed by location as well as by cause and located on a Google-powered map.

See the “source” rating of each posting: As part of its patent-pending reputation management system, GiveMeaning’s new web technology automatically assigns a “source” score to each posting which is based on collective rating of both the submitter of the content and the person that created the content.

“Our new technological platform takes social bookmarking and news aggregation to a whole new level by adding better functionality for user-participation, user ranking, and a geographical component that other sites lack,” said Williams, who built, financed and advised numerous technology and media companies prior to founding GiveMeaning in 2004.

“While other social bookmarking sites work on a binary basis—you vote something up, or you vote it down—GiveMeaning’s robust rating system gives insight into the importance, quality, information and source of each submission. Our source scoring system is like nothing else on the Internet: a sophisticated compilation on the credibility of a story’s source and the person who posted it, that takes into account each source’s complete history on GiveMeaning and their experience in a particular subject area and geographic location.”

“The bottom line is a technology that makes it easier than ever for users to find information that is important and trustworthy and proceed from information to action. We also expect that other web companies will license this technology to improve the quality of the information and the level of engagement they can offer their users.”

About GiveMeaning.com
GiveMeaning - voted one of the top 10 most innovative Web 2.0 applications of 2005 - is an online community where people come together to raise funds and awareness for specific projects they're passionate about. Individuals propose fundraising projects, and GiveMeaning provides them with online tools to raise support. Tax receipts are issued for donations where applicable. GiveMeaning manifests the ”Power of Plenty”: by pooling individual contributions together, tangible projects become funded all over the world. GiveMeaning is the only donor service in North America where 100% of each donation is given to the entity implementing the project.

For more information, please contact:

David Davies GiveMeaning Foundation
Phone: 250.382.4332
Phone 2: 250 744 7415


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