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Sri Lanka Deploys Housing Tracking Module in Synergy Development Assistance Database and Portal; eGovernment Solution Gives Transparent View of Asian Tsunami Recovery Progress

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Posted: Jun 22, 2006 – 12:39 PM EST


Jun. 22 /CSRwire/ - VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 2006--Synergy International Systems, Inc. (Synergy), the Intelligent Data Manager(TM) company for mission-critical data collection, analysis and dissemination, today announced that the government of Sri Lanka's Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) has launched a new Housing Program module within its deployment of Synergy's Development Assistance Database
(DAD) and Synergy Portal. The module extends the breadth and value of the role DAD-Sri Lanka is playing in increasing visibility and accountability into how Asian Tsunami Relief funds are spent and how projects are progressing.

DAD-Sri Lanka is an online web application that allows agencies to report their projects and share information on objectives, funding sources, implementation partners and project progress. RADA encourages supporting agencies to report into the DAD system in order to track funding sources and results and better facilitate efficient aid coordination. Housing is an area of particular focus, as it is estimated that 100,000 homes required rebuilding, with a need for care and maintenance of nearly 55,000 transitional shelters. DAD-Sri Lanka's Donor-Driven Housing Module helps in monitoring the progress of housing construction funded and implemented by development partners themselves for the Tsunami affected population. More than 250 organizations are involved in housing reconstruction thus requiring automatic monitoring of the reconstruction process and insuring that this process is in compliance with government policies and regulations. The Donor-Driven Housing Module also contains detailed data on damages in the housing sector in order to provide a comprehensive gap analysis and to measure the progress of housing construction against losses. The DAD-Sri Lanka database is seamlessly integrated with a customized version of Synergy's DAD and Synergy's Portal. The Portal includes live links to DAD Web Reports, including Housing Program data, and features other disaster and recovery-related information, maps and resources. Additional coverage areas include social services work, risk management, coordination services, and reconstruction strategies and reports.

"Response from the international donor community has been wonderful, but the magnitude of the rebuilding effort is massive and central coordination of those funds and activities is essential," said Rachel Perera, Director of NGO/Civil Society/Donor Coordination at the Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation (TAFREN). "DAD masks its power through a simple interface that encourages widespread usage. We recently conducted our first user survey across various funding agencies and implementing organizations, and found that 67 percent of respondents say DAD data analysis is now having a strong impact on their decision making."

The Sri Lankan government has estimated it will take 3-5 years and US $2.2 billion to complete rehabilitation and reconstruction, and restore services and livelihoods related to Tsunami Relief. To date, the international community has committed US $2.1 billion, and an estimated US $0.6 billion has been disbursed(1).

"Synergy's Development Assistance Database is a tool for eGovernment that fosters both trust and accountability in public works projects and the coordination and dispersal of resources," said Ashot Hovanesian, President and CEO of Synergy International Systems. "Our success in aiding Asian Tsunami Relief efforts is testament to the strength and flexibility of our software to deliver meaningful results for complex, large-scale projects even under the most difficult of circumstances."

The Sri Lanka government's official December 2005 report on "Post Tsunami Recovery and Reconstruction" not only draws data from DAD-Sri Lanka, but also makes a very clear statement about the promotion of good governance in the recovery and rebuilding process:

"The tsunami is perceived by actors in Sri Lankan society as an opportunity to improve trust in public institutions and amongst different stakeholders. In order to ensure transparency and accountability some measures have been adopted. . . The reconstruction and rebuilding process is inclusive, with participation from government, the private sector, NGOs, and affected communities. A suitable monitoring system (is being) designed and implemented to ensure that programmes are results-oriented, timely and appropriately carried out."

In fulfillment of this government objective, DAD-Sri Lanka has been continuously updated and extended since its initial deployment in September of 2005. The current addition of the Housing Tracking module reflects how Synergy DAD can evolve to meet the unique and dynamic requirements of its respective user community, while ensuring that strategic goals are maintained concerning civil accountability, transparency and sustainability.

The DAD-Sri Lanka Portal is available at

About Synergy DAD

The Synergy Development Assistance Database is built on Synergy's next-generation Intelligent Data Manager (IDM) 5.0 platform. IDM is flexible and user-friendly software that creates web services-based database and portal solutions that speed informed and critical decision-making based on relevant and up-to-date information from diverse user groups. IDM forms the basis for solutions including Synergy DAD, Synergy Portal, Synergy Analytica and Synergy CaseTrack. Most IDM-based solutions can be up and running in a matter of weeks, which is particularly important when dealing with disaster recovery efforts.

About Synergy International Systems

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (Synergy) provides ground-breaking technology and technical services for mission-critical information collection, processing and dissemination to public and private sector consumers. Synergy's software and consulting solutions support aid coordination and management, e-government, case management and public health initiatives, and are used in support of the Asian Tsunami relief efforts, as well as by the newly-created democratic governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Synergy's Intelligent Data Manager (IDM) Platform supports the rapid deployment of large-scale, Web-enabled applications involving workflow processes, data analysis and management, business intelligence, knowledge sharing and Web portals. The company's flagship application, the Development Assistance Database (DAD), is endorsed by the United Nations Development Programme and has been implemented in more than a dozen countries worldwide as a key tool for creating and sustaining transparency, accountability and government self-capacity. Synergy is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, in the Washington, DC metro area, and maintains a research and development center in Yerevan, Armenia. For more information, visit

(1) Joint Report of the Government of Sri Lanka and Development Partners, Dec. 2005

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