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ICValue Releases Performance Results for its 60-Stock Portfolio

Submitted by: ICValue, Inc.

Categories: Socially Responsible Investing, Finance

Posted: May 22, 2007 – 04:30 PM EST


May 22 /CSRwire/ - OXFORD, OH – May 22, 2007- ICValue, Inc. just released updated performance statistics for its 60-Stock Enviro-enhanced Portfolio compared to the S&P Global 100 and S&P 500

With completion of environmental performance reviews for over 200 companies, ICValue Inc. identified 60 companies qualifying for an enviro-enhanced portfolio. The companies are distributed across all 10 sectors of the S&P. Sixty percent are domestic, while forty percent are headquartered overseas. All are important players in the use of air, water, land, biodiversity, energy, and the release of chemicals and greenhouse gases in the United States. The companies in each of the 10 business sectors represent a breakdown of industry types similar to the distribution of the Global 100.

The financial performance of the portfolio over the past five years was quite good, as indicated by backtest modeling. Returns were 12.5% annually over the five-year, 2002 through 2006 period, while returns from two benchmarks, the S&P Global 100 (which is most similar to ICValue’s portfolio), and the U.S. domestic S&P 500, were 7.0% and 6.2% annually over the same period. During the 2006 year, the ICValue 60-stock return was 19.44%, the Global 100 was 20.42%, and the S&P 500 was 15.79%. The table below includes additional data. ICValue's Environmental "Total Scores" for companies in the portfolio range from 54.8 to 87.9 on a scale from 0 to 100.

Performance Statistics ICValue’s 60-Stock Enviro-enhanced Portfolio and S&P Global 100 and S&P 500
Last 1 year (12 Periods) Last 5 years (60 Periods) Last 9 years (108 Periods)
Financial Performance (Annual Return to December 2006)
ICV 60 Portfolio19.4412.5112.86
S&P Global 10020.426.96
S&P 50015.796.195.96
Standard Deviation (%)
ICV 60 Portfolio1.743.884.35
S&P Global 1002.053.77
S&P 5001.563.554.37
Jensen's Alpha (%) (ICV 60 Portfolio vs. S&P Global 100)0.290.63
Jensen's Alpha (%) (ICV 60 Portfolio vs. S&P Global 500)0.290.480.55

Note: Stimulated portfolio return does not represent actual performance and should not be interpreted as an indication of such performance. The simulated return is for illustration purpose only.

ICValue is an Oxford, Ohio investment research company that reviews the environmental performance of large-footprint companies operating throughout the United States. Its goal is to provide investors environmental “total scores” annually or biennially on each of over 200 large-cap companies. Up to 160 indicators are used, yielding metrics that cover conservation in water use, land use change, toxic emissions trends, nutrient discharges to aquatic ecosystems, recycling, and biodiversity protection, along with energy-use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions management. ICValue provides individual company reports or regional reports with multiple companies by industry for the U.S, east coast, southern, Great Lakes, or west coast regions. Individual company ratings can be purchased for $150.00; the 60-stock enviro-enhanced portfolio, or all company reviews, are available through fees based on assets under management. For more information see the website, www.icvalue.com.

For more information, please contact:

Orie Loucks ICValue, Inc.
Phone: 513-523-3444


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