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The Latest Corporate Social Responsibility News - Aligning Foundation Investing and Mission

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008 – 10:59 PM EST


Dec. 23 /CSRwire/ - December 24, 2008 - What's the most ironic aspect of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme fraud? The fact that fellow fraudster Henry Blodget (busted for pumping tech stocks and mocking his clients’ gullibility) maintains the most accurate list of its victims? That billionaire celebrities such as Stephen Spielberg lost millions? No, it's the fact that foundations, such as Spielberg’s Wunderkinder Foundation as well as the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, invested with Madoff and thus compromised their mission work. The silver lining may be that it shines the spotlight on foundation investing, which typically accounts for 95 percent of endowment assets but receives scant attention compared to foundation grant-making, which typically accounts for a mere 5 percent of assets.

Steve Viederman has been highlighting the need for foundations to align their investments with their missions for years. As early as 1995, when he was President of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, he advocated for reducing (and eliminating) the dissonance between foundations’ grant work and their investment portfolios. Now, more than a dozen years later, he continues to crusade, characterizing foundations as "old-fashioned slot machines: They have one arm and are known for their occasional payout."

"Think of how much more bang for the buck foundations would achieve if they used both of their arms - the 5 percent making up the grants, and the investable capital that makes possible the grants - the 'other' 95 percent," Viederman writes. "By not using both arms, by failing to use all of their resources in support of their missions, foundations are failing to meet their fiduciary duty."

The More for Mission Campaign, launched at the April 2007 Council of Foundations Annual Conference, challenges foundations to get both their arms working in concert. The Campaign encourages foundations to increase their mission investments by at least 2 percent of total foundation assets over the next 5 years – a potential shift of $12 billion. The Campaign (formerly known as the "2% Campaign" for obvious reasons) has enlisted the Boston College Institute for Responsible Investment to house a Resource Center to help foundations make the alignment. And the Campaign's Leadership Committee of 24 foundation CEOs representing almost $19 billion in assets is actively urging fellow foundations to jump on the wagon.

Perhaps the greatest irony of all is that, after a half-decade of ambitious work, the participating foundations will only have 7 percent of their assets (5 percent grant-making and 2 percent mission investing) assuredly working toward their missions, leaving the remaining 93 percent potentially undermining their missions. At this rate, it would take participating foundations a loooooong time to fully align their money with their missions.

This article was written by CSRwire contributor Bill Baue.

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GM's plea for a $25 billion taxpayer bailout for the American auto industry has gone from Congress, to YouTube, and now to VCR. If the comments on this video are any indication, the public does not support it. It has 216K views and over 1,900 comments! Acquaint yourself with GM's argument by watching their video.

A video this week from Business Fights Poverty showcases Reuters Market Light's intention to expand their initiative throughout India where it is expected to reach several million farmers in the next four years. Reuters Market Light is a service that delivers localized personalized commercial information to farmers in India via SMS to mobile phones in the subscriber's local language, enabling them to make better decisions and enhance their incomes.

We have an excellent report up now from CERES on Corporate Governance and Climate Change. Consumer and technology companies are already feeling powerful ripples from climate change. These companies also face a rising consumer demand for climate-friendly products, bringing enormous opportunities in the products they make, goods they put on store shelves and labels they use to inform customer choices. This CERES report explores the progress these companies are making.

VCR has a video this week from ASSET4, ASSET4 has the world's largest database of transparent, objective and auditable environmental, social and governance (ESG) information. What if you could track your company's environmental, social and governance performance with one click of your mouse? What if you could enhance your company's corporate communications with a simple-to-use tool? Watch this video and see how ASSET4 can help.

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