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Beware of Green Washing by "Organic" Dry Cleaners

Submitted by: Green Apple Cleaners

Categories: Business Ethics, Environment

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 – 08:00 AM EST


Earth Day message from Green Apple Cleaners

Apr. 22 /CSRwire/ - NEW YORK, NY – April 22, 2008 –"Organic" and "green" claims by dry cleaners are showing up on every corner, but customers must beware of this misleading marketing tactic. The term "organic" refers to toxic volatile organic compounds found in dry cleaning solvents, and there is nothing environmentally friendly about them. Used in lieu of safe and effective modern cleaning technologies, these organic compounds are harsh, potentially toxic chemicals ranging from petroleum-based perchloroethylene and hydrocarbons to liquid silicone.

Unlike organic food, organic dry cleaning is neither healthy for the planet, nor healthy for people. In fact, numerous studies report quite the opposite to be true. The chemicals used pose such a threat to the environment that in many states they are being outlawed.

Thanks to new technology, clothes labeled "Dry Clean Only" can now be cleaned harmlessly with pressurized liquid carbon dioxide in a method called CO2-cleaning, and with water in a process called Wet-cleaning. These gentle cleaning processes work to get clothes clean, while holding their shape and protecting the integrity and color of the fabric from harsh detergents that also wreak havoc on the environment.

How can you find a CO2 dry cleaner? There aren't many. Because the equipment is at a premium and must be operated by highly skilled garment specialists, CO2 dry cleaners are few and far between. Just don't be fooled by signs that read, "organic." Search engines, and the website can help you to find a bona fide CO2 cleaner in your area.

New York City and New Jersey residents have the advantage of Green Apple Cleaners, the only CO2 dry cleaner in the Northeast. This eco-conscious, door-to-door service offers non-toxic cleaning and spot removal for shirts, suits, coats, dresses, shoes, handbags, linens, drapes, carpets, furniture and mattresses, as well as in-home tailoring. And the company itself is green through and through, from the plant to the planet.

This Earth Day, take a stand against green washing by misleading "organic" or "green" cleaners who use perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons, and liquid silicone. Choose safe, natural CO2 or water, the universal solvent. It's better for you, your clothes and the environment. Get the truth about green dry cleaning at

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