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New Book 'The Common Good Corporation' Set to Become Definitive Guide on Sex, Money and Power For the Values-Led Corporation

Submitted by: Resources For Human Development

Categories: Business Ethics, Corporate Governance

Posted: Aug 18, 2008 – 10:00 AM EST


Aug. 18 /CSRwire/ - August 18, 2008 - "Whether your issue is fiscal responsibility, compensation, leadership, decision making, decentralization, control, social entrepreneurship, employee development, or racism, sexism and drugs in the workplace, you will find here principles, guidelines, and examples of a radical business philosophy in action."--Marvin Weisbord, author of Discovering Common Ground, and Productive Workplaces Revisited; Co-Director, Future Search Network

Motivated as a child to understand why his parents always fought, and later by a life-long commitment to understanding human relationships and finding a better way to manage conflict, revered CEO, therapist, and humanitarian Bob Fishman and his wife Barbara have just co-authored: "The Common Good Corporation," a comprehensive guide to creating a healthy values-driven workplace community at any organization.

Bob highlights his own personal experiences successfully managing the national $166 million dollar organization Resources for Human Development (RHD). During its 38-year history, it has grown an average of 27 percent yearly. The book is full of innovative, values-led guidelines and principles for developing workplace communities, supporting local decision making, and instituting unique monetary policies.

Through personal stories of RHD employees and clear, thoughtful anecdotes, readers will learn:

  • The three basic assumptions of the Common Good Corporation
  • Why decentralizing power is crucial to the success of your company
  • Formulas for managing power and power relationships to produce a return
  • How to emphasize and promote conscious dialogue to maximize creativity
  • How to handle sex, money, and power among employees in the office
Each chapter discusses concepts such as structure, power, values, leadership, and money – each presenting multiple images to develop a kaleidoscope of views, all of which are rooted in a belief that large faceless groups cannot manage conflict successfully, but small working groups can – if employees are given the freedom to do so.

"Bob Fishman and this book have inspired us to allocate more capital and resources to experiments in shifting capitalism," says CSRwire President Joe Sibilia. "Every page carries useful information and ideas."

The book is a must read for:

  • Corporate executives in the for-profit and non-profit worlds
  • Investors interested in the best return on their money
  • Educational institutions focusing on business schools, schools of social work, and public administration
  • People interested in starting a successful corporate enterprise and in economic development
  • Anyone curious about one of the most successful experiments in values-led entrepreneurialism in the world.
"I have come to believe that if human beings want to, they can settle almost every disagreement, but only in one time and in one place," says Bob Fishman. "That is what it is like to live in a world of infinite possibility. Add to this a set of values-based guidelines that small groups can use to manage their conflicts and we are well on the road to a common good corporate effort, with all the energy and creativity that such an effort releases."

About RHD

Since 1970 RHD has managed 1.7 billion of gross revenue while providing services to populations with mental illness, developmental delays, drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. The organization has been an experiment that has demonstrated the importance of a values-based approach to human relations within a workplace. For more information go to

About the Authors

Bob Fishman has served as the CEO of RHD for more than 38 years. Barbara Fishman has been an administrator of RHD's Access Team, providing organizational development and clinical expertise for employees. At the book website, you can order books, "Question Authority" buttons and umbrellas, and get free downloads. Students can also download separate chapters for classroom discussions. Bob also wants to hear your views on corporate life and how to improve it.

For more information, please contact:

Bob Fishman Resources For Human Development
Phone: (215) 951-0300


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