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Jobs for Rent: A Documentary Film

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Posted: Nov 21, 2008 – 11:26 AM EST


A Documentary Film About Establishing a Career in Your 20s

Nov. 21 /CSRwire/ - 1968: Eight-Track tapes. Bobby Kennedy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Beatles. The Big Mac. The Wonder Bra. Gas: 34 cents a gallon.

2008: iPods. Obama vs. Hillary. American Idol. The Vegan Wrap. The Solar-Panel Bra. Gas: Fast approaching five bucks a gallon.

1968: The Baby Boomer Generation… Proudly employed by the same company for 30 years.

2008: Generation Y… Proudly employed by a dozen companies before they’re 30.

JOBS FOR RENT is a documentary film that chronicles Generation Y and their endless pursuit for a career in today's attention deficient society. It also explores the previous Baby Boomer generation's attitude toward career. Are they worlds apart, or do they just have a different definition of "career"?

As the Baby Boomers prepare to collect their gold watches and exit the workplace, Generation Y enters. But they're not waiting for a watch. Why should they? They tell time by taking a glance at their iPhones.

In 2008, it's a whole new world.

JOBS FOR RENT tracks three 20-somethings down their chosen career paths. At least their chosen career paths at the moment.

As the film rides the career roller coaster of the overachieving lawyer, the struggling artist and the Gen Y 'job hopper', it also delves into the professional lives of their Baby Boomer parents.

How do they compare? How are the paths the Gen Y-ers make similar and different? And how unique really are and were everyone's emotional journeys along the way?

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