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ZeroWater(R) Offers First US Water Filter Recycling Program

Submitted by: Zero Technologies, LLC

Categories: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted: Oct 09, 2008 – 12:21 PM EST


By Recycling 90% of Its Water Filter, ZeroWater(R) Hopes to Influence Others to Develop a Broader Recycling Program

Oct. 09 /CSRwire/ - NEW YORK,NY. - October 9, 2008 - ZeroWater(R), a superior pour-through water filter that reduces virtually all particulates to zero parts per million, enables bottled and filtered water users to further reduce their carbon footprint through the introduction of a recycling program for the ZeroWater(R) filter. The program is the first of its kind available in the US from any top producers as well as the first recycling program "broadly available" for a gravity-fed pitcher filtration system. Now, bottled water drinkers and eco-conscious water filter users have the option to have great tasting water with minimal environmental impact – no bottles OR filters in landfills.

By providing filtered water that meets the FDA definition of purified bottled water*, ZeroWater's patented ion exchange filtration system provides a long awaited option for bottled water users to switch to tap water. Plus, it provides peace of mind that the filters are finally recyclable too.

As a newcomer in the home water filtration market, a category dominated by large players, ZeroWater(R) hopes that the recent introduction of its recycling program will influence others in the market to push for the development of a broader recycling program.

ZeroWater(R), a new superior pour-through water filter that virtually reduces all particulates to zero ppm, is first to offer water filter recycle program in the US, recycling 90% of its water filter.
"It is clear to us at ZeroWater(R) that if we want to reform bottled water users to switch to the more eco-friendly tap water with the help of a water filter, then we need to recycle our water filters to prevent them from ending up in landfills too," says Doug Kellam, CEO of Zero Technologies, LLC.

Filter users participating in the recycling program ship their used filter cartridges to ZeroWater(R) in the original product packaging. With 90% of the water filter recycled, the materials contained within the 5-stage filter are recycled for use in the treatment of water not intended for human consumption, while the plastic components of the filter (including the outer casing) are sent through the normal plastics recycling stream – broken down into tiny pieces with the fibers then re-used to make new consumer goods.

As incentive for participating in the recycling program, ZeroWater(R) offers a discount on replacement filters to offset the typical cost of shipping. Program details are included in ZeroWater(R) product packaging.

To introduce ZeroWater(R) to the public, Zero Technologies, LLC hosted a groundbreaking Drinking Water Symposium "(How) Can we go back to tap with a distinguished panel of drinking water specialists, thoroughly addressing the importance of accelerating the public's migration from bottled water to tap water. The panel included Elizabeth Royte, author of Bottlemania and Garbage Land; Alex Matthiessen, President of Hudson Riverkeeper; Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician, parenting expert and co-author of Food Fights; Chef Andrea Beaman, Holistic Health Counselor; Andrea Knorr, PhD, lead scientist for Zero Technologies, and was moderated by Lloyd Alter, architect, associate professor at Ryerson University School of Interior Design, teaching sustainable design, and writer at TreeHugger.com.

ABOUT ZERO Technologies, LLC
Zero Technologies, LLC, creators and distributors of the breakthrough water filtration technology known as ZeroWater(R), is headquartered in Bensalem, PA. Founded in 2002, the company’s mission is to provide the public with an easy, comprehensive, do-it-yourself water treatment system that allows them personal control of the quality of their drinking water. Products produced by Zero Technologies, including the newly introduced ZeroWater(R) Pitcher, reflect the company’s commitment to quality and customer service.

*Filtered potable tap water tested by an independent lab (not the FDA) to meet specifically the water quality requirements for using the label "purified." Compared to water produced by leading gravity fed filters.

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