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ALTOP Verlags- und Vertriebsgesellschaft

For more than 20 years, ALTOP has been one of the leading publishers on ecological issues and economic sustainability. It created ECO-World as a forum to promote the long term importance of ecological products and services and now operates for and together with consumers and companies. Providing them with the latest information, background knowledge and highly professional communication services, ALTOP supports their market penetration and promotes the green economy, social- and eco-business. As sustainability should no longer be a vision for the future, but put into practice in the daily corporate process, the leading business CSR magazine was born in 2004: forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften. It inspires top decision makers in politics, economy and non-profit organisations with best practice examples. The cover stories of the special interest magazine get to the bottom of recent trends and developments. CSR professionals and sustainability experts are provided with the tools for a successful everyday business. The first magazine for international readers was published in 2008 and covers the latest trends and opportunities in CSR: forum CSR international. Beside publishing relevant information, ALTOP promotes the idea of a sustainable, green economy by organising events and and by consulting SME and and international companies.

    SusCon Calls for a Radical Paradigm Change in the Economy and in Society Image



    SusCon Calls for a Radical Paradigm Change in the Economy and in Society

    More than 450 participants from 37 countries brought the issue of a Green Economy into the centre of the former Bundestag in Bonn from November 27th-28th. The motto of the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption (SusCon) was “Green Economy – from...



    Recognising The Value Of Nature: The German Federal Agency For Nature Conservation Endorses Payments For Ecosystem Services And Business Involvement

    Nature has its price, but seldom do we pay for its use. Because ecosystem services such as clean water, pollination, climate regulation or coastal protection often do not cause any costs for businesses, the depletion of these services is not considered. And yet, society and businesses are equally af...
    Don't Buy "“ Share: How Collaborative Consumption Opens the Door to New Business Models and a Sustainable Lifestyle Image



    Don't Buy "“ Share: How Collaborative Consumption Opens the Door to New Business Models and a Sustainable Lifestyle

    Buy, use and discard – the classic consumption model where products, and therefore raw materials, are used up in a short time span – is up for renegotiation. Our modern society is increasingly looking for alternative ways to operate and live less resource-intensive lives. Collaborative consum...



    Responsible Investments rather than "Land Grabbing"

    The business of land acquisition is flourishing. In the past decade, investors have bought or leased more than 48 million hectares of land worldwide, though more than one third of these transactions have taken place in African countries. Much of this frantic activity is best described as “Lan...



    Auma Obama to Attend SusCon in Bonn

    Prominent visitor to the UN city, Bonn. Dr Auma Obama, sister of the incumbent US President, Barack Obama, will deliver the opening speech of the international sustainability conference SusCon. SusCon, the largest follow-up conference to Rio+20, will take place on November 27-28, 2012 in Bonn...



    Financial Institutions are the Engines of a Green Economy

    The pillars of a Green Economy can only be established if willing donors are available and a suitable funding strategy is in place. According to the “Green Economy Report” of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), an investment of 2% of the annual global GDP is necessary in order ...

    ALTOP Verlags- und Vertriebsgesellschaft

    ALTOP Verlags- und Vertriebsgesellschaft

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