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Philip Morris International Inc.

Philip Morris International (PMI) supports charitable giving programs that improve living conditions in places our employees reside and work, as well as in the farming communities where we source our tobacco.

Today, PMI invests in the range of $25 million per year in cash to charitable causes all over the planet: delivering food baskets to impoverished World War II veterans in Krasnodar, Russia, providing schoolchildren in the Philippines with access to a high-quality educational TV channel, helping victims of domestic violence find jobs in Switzerland, funding the construction of basic houses to accommodate victims of 2010 earthquake in Chile, and teaching sustainable agriculture methods to small farmholders in Malawi, to give just a few examples.

Getting Involved on the Ground

We select and manage our programs ourselves, working directly with local NGOs. The process starts with the recommendations of our employees, who we feel are best placed to recognize their communities' needs. Of course, it would be easier to write a check and let an international charity take care of the details. We prefer to know where the money is going, and to follow the results on the ground.

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