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Earthdance International

EARTHDANCE INTERNATIONAL 501c3 NON-PROFIT Earthdance International 501c3 is a California-based non-profit organization dedicated to joining participants worldwide in a global dance and synchronized Prayer for Peace, by fusing the elements of festival culture and conscious entertainment with the worldwide movements of peace and sustainability. EDI coordinates the annual Earthdance Global Festival for Peace with participating event producers in over 60 countries, and all communities joining together in a synchronized Prayer for Peace. In the spirit of "Think Global, Act Local," each Earthdance event donates at least 50% of its profit to a local charity addressing one of three areas of focus: • peace, • sustainability • social justice Since the first Earthdance event in 1997, hundreds of charities worldwide have benefitted. EARTHDANCE GLOBAL LLC In support of the non-profit, Earthdance Global, LLC serves an online global community with a platform for social networking; live media programs; conscious media distribution; globally and locally synchronized events for peace; activist and philanthropic initiatives; and a conscious commerce marketplace for socially responsible products and services.

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    Earthdance Unites the World in 14th Annual Global Festival for Peace

    Earthdance International is launching the largest synchronized dance and prayer for peace event in the world - now in its 14th year - taking place at 4 pm PST on 9/18/10 in over 50 nations. Event organizers can still register private parties and individuals can sign up to pa...

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