July 22, 2019

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Brief: Official Journal of the Law Society of Western Australia
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Challenge, The
Chaminade Quarterly
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Clive on Learning
Closing the Gap
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Cox, Geoffrey
CPF National News
Cramer, Helge Peter
Creative Child
Criswell, Chad
Critical Inquiry
Crossfire - Deakin University
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Crown, The
Croydon Guardian
Cryer, John
CTEBVI Journal
Culver Alumni Magazine
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CUrio - University of Canberra
Current Health Kids
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DA: District Administration
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Daily Iowan (DI-TV)
Daily Riff, The
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DATA Practice
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DB International
De La Salle Today
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Dean & Provost
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education
Defense and Technology
Defense World
Dek Keng Angkrit
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Deltha Broadcasting N.V.
Demouveaux, Gautier
Department Chair
Design & Technology Education: an International Journal
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Detroit Teacher
Development and Learning in Organizations
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Dias, Dulce
Dig Magazine
Digital Directions
Digital Kid
Diplomatisches Magazin
Direct Aim
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Disney's Princess
Distance Education Report
Distance Learning... A Magazine for Educators, Trainers, & Leaders
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
Diversity & Democracy
Donaldson, Jeffrey
Doris, Bob
Dorries, Nadine
Douban, Gigi
Doyle-Price, Jackie
DRAMA-Nordisk Dramapedagogisk Tidsskrift
Druart, Sylvie
Duke Mathematical Journal
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Education: Asia's Knowledge Journal
Educational Administration Quarterly
Educational and Psychological Measurement
Educational Assessment
Educational Communications Inc.
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Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Educational Facility Planner
Educational Leadership
Educational Marketer
Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice
Educational Policy
Educational Psychologist
Educational Researcher
Educational Technology Magazine
Educational Technology Research and Development
Educational Theory
Educators' Advocate
Educause Quarterly
Educause Review
Edutalk Radio
EdWize (AFT)
Efford, Clive
EL Gazette
eLearn Magazine
e-Learning Updates
Electronic Education Report
Eleinein, Eve
Elementary School Journal, The
Elfman, Lois
Ellman, Louise
Ellwood, Tobias
ELT Journal
Employment & NRI Times
Employment & Training Reporter
ENC Focus: A Magazine for Classroom Innovators
Encounter: Education for Meaning & Social Justice
End of Term
Engineering & Technology Education
English & Travel Info Magazine
English Drama Media
English Education
English Garden
English in Education
English Journal
English Leadership Quarterly
English Quarterly
English Reader
Enjoy English
Enrollment Management Report
Enviro Teach
Equity & Excellence in Education
Erasmus Magazine
Erl, Sabine
ERS Spectrum
eSchool News
eSchool News
Esperanto - Monash University
ETH Life Online
Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences
European Business Report
Evaluation and Program Planning
Evans, Graham
Evans, Nigel
Evennett, David
Exceptional Children
Exceptional Family
Executive PA
Exit Lane
Expat Education Guide, The
EZ Talk
Fachsprache - International Journal of Specialized Communication
Falcon, The
Fallon, Michael
Families South East
Families West
Farrago - University of Melbourne
Farrelly, Paul
Farron, Tim
Farthouat, Anne
Fayau, Claire
FE Week
Film Education
Find MBA
Finkel, Ed
Firelands Express
Fireman Sam
First Five
First Messenger, The
First Steps
Fishman, Katharine Davis
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Flello, Robert Charles
Flint, Caroline
Flocke, Sarah-Janine
Florida School Business
Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities
For Graduates Only
For Seniors Only
Foreign Policy
Foster, Don
Francis, Hywel
Franks, Vivienne
From Now On
From the Board Room
Frost & Sullivan - Singapore
Fulconis, Marc
Full On! Magazine
Fuller, Ron
Funding for Independent Schools
Fundraising for Schools
Funtimes At School
Futures in Urban Ed
GA Magazine
Garvanèse, Guillaume
Gauke, David
Gaul, Thomas
Gawlas Medoff, Theresa
GD4 - Higher Education Vyas Channel
General Knowledge Refresher
General Knowledge Today
Getting Smart
Gibb, Nick
Gifted Child Quarterly
Gifted Child Today
Gilbert, Catherine
Gildernew, Michelle
Gillan, Cheryl
Glass, Pat
Glen, John
Global Focus Magazine
Global Woman Magazine
Glover-Bondeau, Anne-Sophie
Goggins, Paul
Gokulam (English)
Goldberg, Jan
Gonthier, Gaëlle
Good News Broadcast
Good Teacher
Gove, Michael
Grad Magazine
Graduate Contact - University of Queensland
Graduate, The
Grapeshot - Macquarie University
Gray, James
Green Teacher
Greeves, Andy
Gregory, Annie
Grivel, Thierry
Growing Together
Guénot, Frédérique
Gummer, Benedict
Guzelian Ltd
Gwynne, Andrew
Haerdle, Benjamin
Half Mask
Halfon, Robert
Halliday, Claire
Hamilton, Fabian
Hanoteau, Clothilde
Harper, Mark
Harris, Neil
Harris, Rebecca
Harry's Place
Harvard Education Letter, The
Harvard Educational Review
Haselhurst, Alan
Hastings Law Journal
Havard, Dai
Hawkhill Science Newsletter
Hayes, John
He Muka
Headteacher Update
Heath, David
Heaton-Harris, Chris
Hebrew Union College
Hechinger Report, The
Heitze, Ulrike
Hello! Online
Henderson, Gordon
Henkel, Markus
Hermon, Sylvia
Hesse, Pascal
Heubeck, Rainer
Heyes, David
HFI Education Today
High School Journal
High School Soup
Higher Education
Higher Education & National Affairs
Higher Education Consortia
Higher Education Legal Alert
Higher Education Marketing Report
Higher Education Review
Highlights for Children
Hillier, Meg
Hilpern, Kate
Hinds, Damian
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, The
History of Education Quarterly
History Teacher
Hoare, Stephen
Hoban, Mark
Hodge, Margaret
Hodgson, Sharon
Hollingbery, George
Home Education Magazine
Home Educator's Family Times
Homeschooling Parent
Homeschooling Today
Honi Soit - University of Sydney
Honor Student Magazine
Horak, Peter R.
Hot Topics Publications
Housing Magazine
Humanist Perspectives
Hungappa - Charles Sturt University
Hunt, Jeremy
Hunt, Tristram
Hunter Business Review
Huppert, Julian
I Get English
I Love English
I Speak English
ICT for Education
ICT In Education
Idaho Education Reporter
IDC Israel
IDC Kenya
IDC Nigeria
IDC South Africa
Ideal Connection, The
Ideas & Perspectives - I&P
IEA Reporter
IEA-NEA Advocate
IHS Jane
Illinois PTA Bulletin
Illinois School Board Journal
Illinois TESOL-BE Newsletter
In CASE Newsletter
In Cheshire Magazine
In Touch
Inboden, Kai
Independent Education
Independent Education Today
Independent School
Independent Schools Magazine
Independent Voice
Index Magazine
India Education News
Indian Defence Review
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IJTK)
Indiana English
Indiana Law Review
Indigenous Law Bulletin
Industrial & Commercial Training
InFocus: A Newsletter of the University Continuing Education Association
Inishowen Community Radio
Ink Pellet
Innovate - Online
Inquiry & Analysis
Inside Higher Ed
Inside QUT - Queensland University of Technology
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
International Aerospace, SAP Media Worldwide
International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)
International Education
International Educator
International Educator, The
International Journal of American Linguistics
International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, The
International Journal of Early Years Education
International Journal of Educational Advancement
International Journal of Educational Development
International Journal of Educational Reform
International Journal of Educational Research
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation
International Journal on E-Learning
International Quarterly Of Community Health Education
International Schools in Thailand (Kindergarten Edition)
International Schools in Thailand (Primary school edition)
Internet and Higher Education
Internet Video Magazine
Intervention in School and Clinic
Irish Journal of Education, The
ISEA Communique
Issues in Accounting Education
ISTA Advocate
ISTE Update
It¿s a Student Affair
It's Our World
Ivy League Analytical English
Jameson Broadcast Inc.
Jane's Defence Weekly
Jane's Defence Weekly - Online
Janvre, Jezabel
Javid, Sajid
JBHE Weekly Bulletin
Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show, The
JET Magazine
Jewish Guild For the Blind Newsletter
JGE: The Journal of General Education
Johnson, Alan
Johnson, Diana
Jones, Helen
JOPERD: Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
Journal for the Education of the Gifted, The
Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Journal of Allied Health, The
Journal Of American College Health
Journal of Applied Learning Technology, The
Journal of Applied School Psychology
Journal of Biological Education
Journal of Cancer Education
Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of College Counseling
Journal of College Science Teaching
Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Journal of Drug Education
Journal of Education Finance
Journal Of Education For Business
Journal of Education for Students Placed At Risk (JESPAR)
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
Journal of Educational Computing Research
Journal of Educational Measurement
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Educational Technology Systems
Journal of Educational Thought/La Revue de la pensée Éducative
Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
Journal of Engineering Education
Journal of Experiential Education
Journal of Family & Consumer Science
Journal of Geoscience Education
Journal of Higher Education
Journal of Hispanic Higher Education
Journal of Humanistic Counseling Education & Development, The
Journal of Information Systems Education
Journal of Instructional Psychology
Journal Of Learning Disabilities
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning
Journal of Management Education
Journal Of Marketing Education
Journal of Marketing for Higher Education
Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation
Journal of Negro Education, The
Journal of Nursing Education
Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior
Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
Journal of Physical Therapy Education
Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice
Journal of Religious Education
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
Journal of Research in Music Education
Journal of School Leadership
Journal of Science Education and Technology
Journal of Special Education, The
Journal of Studies in International Education
Journal of Teacher Education
Journal of Teaching in International Business
Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
Journal of Teaching in Social Work
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
Journal of the Academy of Business Administration
Journal of The Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers
Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
Journal of Transformative Education
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
Joy To The World
Joyce, Eric
Junior Horizons
Junior Scholastic
Junior Science Refresher
K! Magazine
Kaut, Helen
KEA News
Kenny, Jack
Key Reporter, The
Keying In
Kidsville News!
Kiki Magazine
Kindred Magazine
Kingsbury, Kathleen
Kiwi Parent Magazine
KLRN Television
Knappek, Charles
KNEA Issues
KnowHow Magazin
Korea Educational Broadcasting System(EBS)
Kroll, Pascale
Krönke, Rolf
Kurth, Michael
Kutza, Patricia
Lab Talk
Laing, Eleanor
Lakehead University Magazine
Lammy, David
Lancaster, Mark
Language Arts
Language Learning & Technology
Language Learning and Development
Language Magazine
Language Travel Magazine
Law Our Rights
Law Quadrangle Notes
Law Society Journal
Law Teacher, The
Laws, David
Lazimi, Charlotte
Leadership Focus
Leadership for Student Activities
Leadership in Focus
Leadership Magazine
Leading Business
Learning & Leading with Technology
Learning and Individual Differences
Learning and Motivation
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disability Practice
Learning Disability Quarterly
Learning Links
Learning Principal, The
Learning Team, The
Learning: Resources for Successful Teaching
Legal Education Review
Legal Executive Journal, The
Legal Routes
Lenzi, Hans
Lepkowska, Dorothy
Lepper, Joe
LERN Magazine
Lesur, Sabine
Let's Find Out
Let's Talk in English
Letwin, Oliver
Levine, Irene
Lewis, Ivan
Liberal Education
Library Media Connection
Lichtenberg, James
Liddell-Grainger, Ian
Lifelong Learning in Europe LLinE
Lightfoot, Liz
Lilley, Peter
Little Eagle
Little Red Dot
Live Interactive English
Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine, The
Loeser, Reinhard
Loud! Magazine
Louet, Isabelle
Loughton, Tim
Lucas, Ian
Lumen - University of Adelaide
Lumley, Karen
Lyan, Marie
MAA Online
Macquarie Law Journal
Mactaggart, Fiona
Madlener, Bernhard
Magazine Of History
Maine Educator
Maintaining Safe Schools - School Violence Alert
Maintenance & Equipment News for Churches/Schools
Managing School Business
Manitoba Teacher, The
Manorama Year Book (English)
Marcadal, Raphaëlle
Mari Membaca Tahap 1
Marketing Technology International
Marsden, Gordon
MASA Leader
MASC Bulletin
MASK the Magazine
Maslen, Geoff
Massachusetts Music News
Masson, Benjamin
MASTER Teacher
Math Horizons
Mathematics and Computer Education
Mathematics Education Research Journal
Mathematics in School
Mathematics Magazine
Mathematics Teacher
Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
Matters Arising
Mazingarbe, Marine
Mazzoli, Rita
MBA Career Guide
MBA Channel
MBA Podcaster
McGill Reporter
McLoughlin, Patrick
McMaster Daily News
McVey, Esther
MEA Voice
Meamft Today
Meld Magazine
Mentoring & Tutoring
Mermet, Nathaly
Messing, Doreen
Metior - Murdoch University
Meyer, Christian
Middle Ground
Middle School 101
Middle School Journal
Middleton, Christopher
Midgley, Simon
Miliband, David
Military Advanced Education
Military Simulation & Training
Military Training & Simulation News
Military Training Technology
Miller, Maria
Millott, Dan
Mills, Nigel
Milton Keynes Online
Mine Safety And Health News
Mini Standard
Minnesota Educator
Minority Law Journal, The
Mississippi Educator, The
MIT News Office
Mitchell, Margaret
MLN: Modern Language Notes
Modern English Teacher
Mohan, Kalpana
Moitié, Claudine
Monash University Law Review
Montessori Life
Montessori News
Montessori Observer
Moon, Madeleine
Morgan, Nicky
Morris, Anne-Marie
Moutot, Eric
MTA Today
Mulholland, Greg
Multicultural Education
Multicultural Perspectives
Multimedia & Internet@Schools
Mums & Dads Magazine
Munt, Tessa
Murphy, Paul
Murray, Ian
Music Alive!
Music Clubs Magazine
Music Educators Journal
Music In Action
Music Teacher
My Little Paper
NACAC Bulletin
NACE Journal
NAEP Journal
NASN School Nurse
NASP Communique
NASSP Bulletin
NATE Classroom
Nation Junior
National Association for Family Child Care Perspective
National Bar Association Magazine
National Geographic Explorer!
National Student, The
NATO Staff Centre Magazine
NBP News
NCAE News Bulletin
NCEA Notes
NEA New Hampshire Educator
NEA Today
NEA Today
Net Assets (NBOA)
New England Journal of Higher Education
New Jersey Education Law Report
New Jersey Parent-Teacher
New Mexico Progress
New Trail
New York Teacher - City Edition
New Zealand Educational Gazette
Newmark, Brooks
News Briefing Diocese of Scranton
News Digest
News Leader, The
News on Campus
Next Step Magazine
Next: A Guide to Life After High School
NHK - Hong Kong Bureau
Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde
NJASA Connections
NJEA Reporter
NJEA Review
Noble Club
North Carolina Music Educator
North Dakota Education News
NSEA Voice
NSTA Reports
NTU Bulletin
Nurse Education Today
Nursery Education PLUS
Nursery World
NYSAIS Bulletin
NYSUT United
NZ Education Gazette
O'Brien, Stephen
O'Donnell, Fiona
Off Campus
Ohio Schools
Okoi, Raïssa
Old Schoolhouse Magazine, The
Ollerenshaw, Eric
On Board
On Campus
On Campus with Women
On Common Ground
On Dit - University of Adelaide
On the Front Porch with The Rose Moore Radio Show
On the Green
On the Horizon
On The Move
OnCUE Journal
One India One People
Ontario Federation of Home & School Association Bulletin
Ontario Mathematics Gazette
Onwurah, Chinyelu
OPC Register
Open Culture
Open Learning
Opperman, Guy
Opus - University of Newcastle
Origins - Charles Darwin University
Our Children
Outarahout, Houda
Oxtoby, Kathy
Oziel, Céline
Pacific Standard
Paige, Jane
Parent and Citizen Journal, The
Parent Talk
Parent Teacher Magazine
Parenting Australia
Parliamentary Journal
Pascault, Olivier
Pathak, Hema
Patton, Carol
Paul, Thomas M.
PC Update Online
Peabody Journal of Education
Pediatric Exercise Science
Peer Review
Pelican - University of Western Australia
PEN Weekly NewsBlast
Pennant, The
Pennsylvania Administrator
Pennsylvania Gazette, The
Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
Penrose, John
Peo Record
Percussive Notes
Percy, Andrew
Perry, Claire
PHE Journal
Phi Delta Kappan
Phi Kappa Phi Forum
Philadelphia Public School Notebook
Phillips, Stephen
Physical Education Matters
Physics Teacher, The
Piano Guild Notes
Piazza, Katrin
Pincher, Christopher
PIR - Education
Planning For Higher Education
Playhouse Disney
Poets & Quants
Popular Music & Society
Population and Social Integration Section (PSIS)
Population Educator, The
Practical Homeschooling
Practical Parenting & Pregnancy
Practical Pre-School
Pratiyogita Darpan
Premia Life
Presidency, The
Preventing School Failure
Primarolo, Dawn
Primary English Teaching Association
Primary Geographer
Primary History
Primary Science
Primary Teacher Update
Primary Times (Avon)
Primary Times (Bedfordshire & Luton)
Primary Times (Belfast & Co. Antrim & Co. Down)
Primary Times (Berks)
Primary Times (Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes)
Primary Times (Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan)
Primary Times (Cornwall)
Primary Times (Devon)
Primary Times (Dorset)
Primary Times (East Kent)
Primary Times (Fife, Tayside & Central Scotland)
Primary Times (Hampshire)
Primary Times (Herts)
Primary Times (North/West Kent)
Primary Times (Oxon)
Primary Times (Somerset)
Primary Times (South East London)
Primary Times (Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent)
Primary Times (West Sussex)
PRincipal Communicator
Principal Leadership
Principal Matters
Prisk, Mark
Prism Magazine
Private Schools Revealed
Pro Principal
Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science
Professional Development Today
Professional Educator
Professional Educator
Professional School Counseling Journal
Professional Television Network: Healthcasts
Professionally Speaking/Pour parler profession
Prospect: An Australian Journal of TESOL
PSBA Bulletin
PSEA Voice: The Voice for Education
PTA South Carolina Parent-Teacher Bulletin
PTO Today
Public School Montessorian
Pugh, John
Purchasing Link
QA Education
QA News
Qatar Today
Quality Assurance in Education
Quality Teaching
Quebec Home and School News
Queen's Journal
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