June 20, 2019

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Alternative Fuels Don't Benefit the Military, a RAND Report Says

The US would derive no meaningful military benefit from increased use of alternative fuels to power jets, ships and weapons systems, according to...

Top 10 Solar Cars Developed by Students

The ever-spiraling cost of fuel and its equally harmful effects on the environment has forced many to think of newer and greener sources...

T-Shirt Detects Pollution

Watch out, smokers. Sweatshirts may soon fashionably display more than you want to know about that smoke you're exhaling.

Can UN human rights guide for businesses work?

New standards governing the operation of multinational companies do not go far enough to protect human rights if the framework is adopted in...

Do Business and Ethics Mix? Handling Ethical Dilemmas Abroad

By Jim McArdle, Senior Vice-President, Legal Services and Secretary, EDC Many companies today recognize they can sustain their success by doing business ethically...

Gulf oysters get boost toward recovery

Volunteers are rebuilding oyster reefs along the Gulf of Mexico's shoreline, hoping to revive oyster beds under assault from overharvesting and the BP...

Chromium-6 and clean water

As the Environmental Working Group found, carcenogenic contamination is a real issue, and we need to go back to the source.

The Global Implications of Our Ethical Decisions

Jeffrey Hollender weighs in on the potential impact on the next seventh generations.

Climate Benefits of Natural Gas May Be Overstated

The United States is poised to bet its energy future on natural gas as a clean, plentiful fuel that can supplant coal and...

Doctor fills health-care gap for homeless women

Dr. Roseanna Means' nonprofit offers direct, free medical care to homeless women and children.



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