July 07, 2020

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Survey: Pollution Down Because of Cap and Trade

Europe on target to meet goal of slashing emissions 20 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels.

U.S. Freezes a Record $30 Billion in Libyan Assets

Largest amount of foreign assets ever seized in an American sanctions action.

Pro-Union Rallies Held Across the Country

Groups hoping to build off energy of recent union-backed protests in Madison, WI.

How Does Investment Help Economic Growth?

Why is public investment so important? What areas of investment are most crucial for promoting economic growth?

You Have More Money in Your Wallet Than Bank of America Pays in Federal Taxes

Some of richest multinational corporations are getting away with shirking their responsibility and paying nothing.

Huge Rally in Madison for Workers' Rights

Peaceful crowd protests stripping of collective bargaining rights.

Green economy needs 2% of every nation's income, says UN

Global green investment drive 'would pay off in terms of jobs, cleaner air and energy use.'

To Get America Growing Again, It's Time to Unleash Our Cities

Cities are at the heart of a competitive and global future.

Wal-Mart announces healthier food program

Any move the largest seller of food the US makes can have a ripple effect in the food supply chain.

Why Green Energy Can't Power a Job Engine

Even when ideas are "made in America," production is almost always cheaper in China.



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