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From New York to Seoul: 10 of the best designs for water-stressed cities – in pictures

Water resilient cities: how is business building them?

Apple to Introduce 100% Solar-Powered Retail Store

As part of a long-term partnership with Sunseap Group, Apple will draw upon Sunseap's vast network of more than 800 solar panel-equipped buildings,

How trillions of tiny solar panels could power the internet of things

The internet of things, the idea that objects can be interconnected via a global network, will run your home, keep you healthy and...

Green office environments linked with higher cognitive function scores

People who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide have significantly higher cognitive functioning scores.

How an eco farmhouse in Dibeen is bringing back sustainable living

A few weeks ago, ‘Dibeen Eco Farmhouse’ came as a suggested topic on my news feed, advertising ‘organic cage-free chickens' delivered to your...

Healing Room with a View

LLP designed the 16,000 square foot new St. Charles Cancer Center entirely around patient well-beingThe site, adjacent to the existing hospital and between...

WCC evolves from a sustainable space into a high-performing, energy efficient facility

Built in 2011, the WCC gained LEED Gold certification for green features ranging from rainwater re-use to high-performance, operable windows.

A Vertical Forest Towers Above Milan's Skyline

Although green roofs were once thought to be the future of sustainable cities, a recent project from architect Stefano Boeri takes the idea...

Four trends shaping our future cities

From sprawling metropolises to small cities, urban centers are embracing new developments and improving their infrastructures to boost the quality of life of...

The Woman Who Turned Her High School Science Project Into A Global Solar Nonprofit

Eden Full Goh discovered the potential of solar power when she was just 10 years old. She had come across a book in...



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