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Modelling shows move to 100% renewable energy would save Australia money

Estimated cost of moving all electricity, industry and transport onto renewables by 2050 would be $800bn, a saving of $90bn.

It's Earth Day. So how is L.A. doing in creating a sustainable city?

In honor of Earth Day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday released the city’s first annual report on its “Sustainable City Plan"...

Building with nature: cities that steal smart ideas from plants and animals

Architects, designers and urban planners are borrowing from natural phenomena as diverse as termite mounds and resilient grapefruits to design smart, sustainable cities.

Rainwater harvesting and rooftop solar: world's greenest shopping centre could be Australian

Design competition asks architects, environmentalists and school kids to imagine a sustainable retail centre that generates energy for communitities...

This Couple Spent Decades Building Their Own Self-Sustaining Island

Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King spend their days completely immersed in nature – the Canadian couple lives off-the-grid a floating sustainable island...

Hotels worldwide are going green with LEED

It's no secret that with operations running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, hotels consume natural resources...

Why Big Retailers Are Going Solar

Years ago, big retailers and tech companies installed solar panels as a way to take an environmental stance. But these days it’s often...

"Design isn’t separate from sustainability—it’s the key to it"

It’s hard, trying to write for a design oriented website “dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream”. when sustainability has been sold as being all...

At Hampshire College, sustainability efforts reach new level

Hampshire College has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts long before they gained widespread acceptance...

Roofs: The colours of sustainability

Roof surfaces can positively impact the environment in many different ways, whether serving as bases for solar installations or vegetated covers, reflecting solar...



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