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Can a Young American Entrepreneur Succeed Where Europe Has Failed?

"If you have the capability, the skills, and the money, why do you need to wait?"

Providing Toilets And Clean Water Access Is All Talk And No Action In Some Poor Areas

There have been significant improvements in making basic water and sanitation access available, but gaps in funding slows progress.

Can You Make Clothes Without Sweatshop Labor? This Dominican Factory Is Trying

Somewhere in the Dominican Republic sits a unique little clothing factory. The unassuming building, with its white walls and gable roof, houses a...

Poison Apple: At Factories, Chinese Workers Pay Toxic Price

In China, there are more than 200 million people working in hazardous environments like electronic factories, making Apple products.

Stalemate Over Garment Factory Safety in Bangladesh

There has been considerable resistance to closing, as owners worry about losing orders and workers fear losing jobs. NYT.

Google Takes on Poverty Fight Using Technology

Google launches business group in Uganda to address unemployment rates among young adults. Monitor.

Which US Company Is Topping the Charts on Human Rights?

While the vast majority of cos. are asleep at the wheel, these corps. are best in class, according to a new report. Guardian.

Clicktivism Moves Civil Rights Forward in a New Generation

Internet activism challenges the perception that Generation Y is apathetic and disengaged. Black Voice News.

Heartbreaking: Modern-day Slavery

Tea pickers are being sold into slavery. After water, tea is the most drunk substance in the world. Gethin Chamberlain uncovers the story.

Capitalism vs. Democracy

Piketty's new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, defies left or right by arguing inequality is an outcome of capitalism. NYT.



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