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Working together to protect the ocean

The only way to solve the biggest challenges facing the world is by working together and creating partnerships. One area this is particularly...

10 green leaders on the best ways you can fight climate change

We asked people at the forefront of the climate movement for simple steps ordinary people can take to make a difference.

This Bike Path Paved With Solar Panels Shows That All Streets Could Double As Power Sources

If we want it, the road could literally be paved to a renewable energy future. A pilot test of the technology turned out...

China’s bottled water industry eyes up the Tibetan plateau

Tibet is encouraging companies to tap the Himalayan glaciers for premium drinking water, but the environmental stakes are high.

China Is Turning Its Fish Breeding Grounds Into Smartphone Factories

60 percent of the China's wetlands have been paved over for development projects—and much of what's left is under threat of more of...

Timberland Launches New Documentary: "KOMBIT: The Cooperative" Chronicling Journey Toward Greener Future for Haiti

Follow the development of a large-scale, self-sustaining agroforestry program owned and operated by smallholder farmers, creating lasting value well beyond the trees

How We Are All Contributing to the Destruction of Coral Reefs: Sunscreen

And a new study finds that a single drop in a small area is all it takes for the chemicals in the lotion...

More Than 400 U.S. Cities May Be 'Past The Point Of No Return' With Sea Level Threats

But there are still cities that could be saved by reducing carbon emissions.

Cities are Finally Treating Water as a Resource, Not a Nuisance

From Houston to Melbourne, the surprising ways urban areas are dealing with water woes.

A Culture of Nagging Helps California Save Water

Californians sharply cut water use this summer, but the most effective enforcers may be closer to home: the domestic water police.



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