February 23, 2020

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Fighting for the Sustainable Consumer: A Conversation on Branding, Economic Growth, Risk & Value Propositions

How sustainable a product is only tells you one side of the story. Aman Singh chats with Henk Campher.

Happiness in the House: Vermont Adopts Genuine Progress Indicator

Vermont puts happiness on its legislative agenda. Laura Musikanski reports on Talkback.

Our Second Chance: US and the Neo Cold War

Ukraine shows it's time for the US to move from corporatocracy to world citizen. John Perkins explains on Talkback.

World Bank Releases New World Indicators Data

The World Bank presents its most current and accurate global development data; includes national, regional and global estimates.

A New Story for a New Economy

David Korten's new essay connects the work of finding a sacred story with the effort to build a new economy. YES! Magazine.

The Purpose Economy: An Entire Economy Geared Toward Good

By focusing on personal, social and societal purpose, we will find inspiration for new products and services. FastCo.

How AkzoNobel Is Using Open Innovation to Drive Change in Transportation

The movement of people and goods is crucial to the world economy. Globally, the transportation sector is expected to continue growing. SB.

The Rise of Anti-Capitalism

Economists have welcomed reductions in marginal costs, but never anticipated a technological revolution bringing costs to zero. NYT.

How Wall Street Law Firms Are Exploiting Temporary Document Review Lawyers

Wall Street plutocrats vs. peons -- this time in the lawyers' suites. Steven Katz says its hurting clients and lawyers. On Talkback.

Whatever Happened to 'Every Man a King'?

How we can "make haves out of the have-nots without taking it away from the haves?" Thomas Edsall, NYT.



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