January 29, 2020

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Musk Says Tesla’s Solar Shingles Will Cost Less Than a Dumb Roof

It’s official: After Tesla shareholders approved the acquisition of SolarCity, the new company is now an unequivocal sun-to-vehicle energy firm.

Germany unveils zero-emissions train that only emits steam

The world's first 'hydrail' can travel almost 500 miles per day at speeds of up to 87mph.

These roads will charge cars as they drive

The British government is getting ready to test out new road technology that would allow electric cars to charge as they drive. The...

Home Energy & Green Tech May 30, 2016 Addressing energy technologies and policies that shape future sustainability

A quickly growing global population presents a variety of challenges, and raises the critical question: How can we sustainably meet energy needs while...

Industry 4.0: how intelligent assets will be part of a circular economy

The internet of things and intelligent assets will be key to achieving a truly circular economy and forward-thinking cities such as Barcelona and...

This German Startup Is Installing Solar Cells In Road Surfaces

Solmove is developing a flexible glass carpet that can harness the sun on footpaths, bike lanes, and roofs.

Tomorrow's buildings: Is world's greenest office smart?

The Edge office building in Amsterdam prides itself on good coffee, lots of natural light - no desk is far from a window...

9 headlines sustainability executives want to read in 2016

As 2015 ends and 2016 begins, we asked members of the GreenBiz Executive Network, our member-based, peer-to-peer learning forum for sustainability professionals, to...

Meet Ooho!, the Edible, Plastic-Free Water Bottle

It's no secret that plastic water bottles are a detriment to the environment -- Americans alone use approximately 50 billion plastic water bottles...

App Aims to Make Solving Climate Issues "Fun and Rewarding"

Oroeco's personal climate action app tracks the carbon impacts of our choices, with the intent of gamifying behavior change for a more sustainable...



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