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Fostering a Secure Tomorrow in Tech for Youth

Fostered young people are being helped to guard their IT identities under a new project led by Symantec, the huge US cyber security...

STEM Increases Diversity While Teaching Skills

STEM programs are teaching valuable skills to youth—and, at the same time, increasing diversity through outreach to girls and students of color

Looking Into the Crystal Ball with Futurist Jacob Park

The new Director of Futures Lab at BSR explains the difference between killer robots and killer AI and unlocks other longstanding mysteries.

PathVis: A Smartphone-based Platform That Fights Cholera

Researchers have developed a smartphone-based platform to help detect disease pathogens before they spread.

The DIY Girls: How 12 Teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless

As Daniela Orozco picks off excess plastic bordering a 3D-printed box, she recalls how many homeless people she saw on her way to...

Mobike will launch dockless bike-sharing in the U.K., its first market outside of Asia

Mobike, one of China’s largest bike-sharing companies, will launch in Manchester and Salford, its first cities outside of Asia.

Belgian scientists turn polluted air into hydrogen fuel

The tiny device uses two 'rooms,' separated by a membrane, to purify air and generate power simultaneously.

Four Ways 3D Printing Is Shaping Technology In 2017

If you think printing is just putting ink on paper, the fast-moving train of technology has left you behind. Since the advent of...

This 'edible water bottle' could put an end to plastic packaging

The water ball, named "Ooho!" is a biodegradable and natural membrane which can be fully swallowed and digested, as well as hydrating people...

Recycling robots: AI could reverse the UK's decline

Robotic waste sorting is gaining ground as an idea, but experts say the economics don’t yet stack up for household waste.



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