July 04, 2020

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Our Coffee Addiction Could Destroy Earth’s Tropical Forests

Coffee producers may need a wake-up call. Soaring demand for the caffeinated brew could hasten destructive climate change by encouraging producers to chop...

You probably have a drawer full of them – why can't we crack battery recycling?

Research indicates up to half of all EU countries could fall short of this year’s target to recycle 45% of waste batteries.

The greenhouse that acts like a beetle and other inventions inspired by nature

For a new generation of innovators, biomimicry – the imitation of nature’s ecosystems – may help solve some of humanity’s toughest resource problems.

Ride Green: the eco-friendly project

A new strategy dedicated to environmental conservation and recycling at the Corsa Rosa was announced today in the presence of the Italian Environment...

China – land of retail sustainability?

With a population of over 1.3 billion, and an increasingly affluent and growing middle class, China has become the world's second largest consumer...

What Happens When Fashion Becomes Fast, Disposable And Cheap?

As we purchase more clothes, more waste is accumulated. Some companies and grassroots organizations are looking to change that with new initiatives...

5 signs sustainability is the new engine for global economic growth

Strong crosswinds are in the global economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, with pervasive transparency, unlimited information access and accelerating...

Paris Is Redesigning Its Major Intersections For Pedestrians, Not Cars

The new designs make sure pedestrians get at least 50% of the public space, lanes of traffic be damned.

Sustainability the key to long-term corporate health

The world we live in is undergoing extraordinary change, the like of which has never been seen before...

Sustainability’s New Frontier: Asia

Once considered laughable, ‘do-good’ investing is making inroads in Asia, and grows in Europe...



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