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Do investors care about companies' climate change disclosure?

Taken at face value, more evidence surfaced supporting a close relationship between market performance and the disclosure of ESG criteria. On GB.

Impact Investing for the New Economy: People

The new economy movement promotes clean energy & environmental sustainability, but also prioritizes a positive impact for local communities and workers. On 3p.

What BP and HSBC learned about socially responsible investors

BP and HSBC hosted webcasts for analysts from all SRI agencies in which the companies presented their sustainability performance. Read what they learned...

Funding Like It’s Hot: Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Your Strategy

Donors must assess the risk climate change poses to their strategy, and identify ways to engage their constituencies on how it will impact...

To Serve the Poorest Clients, Earned Income Isn't Enough

The recent explosion of interest in impact investing has generated much talk--but is it realistic when you're serving the poorest of the poor?...

Shareholders challenge Exxon, Chevron over climate risks

Members of the ICCR have filed 28 shareowner resolutions thus far that address climate-related issues such as climate risk and sustainability reporting, GB.

Social Impact Investing Will Be the New Venture Capital

HBR's Sir Ronald Cohen and William A. Sahlman note that there are huge numbers in the US social sector, and they believe there's...

Can the private sector benefit from 'impact investing'?

Impact investing has come a long way since John Elkington coined the phrase "triple bottom line." Now, will SR investors outperform their counterparts?

TrustLaw Innovation Award 2012

Law firm White & Case is working with Nexii (South Africa) on the world’s first stock exchange for social enterprises to diversify sources...

A Place to Pursue the Naked Truth

When Reynolds-Anthony Harris had a new idea for a social enterprise, he knew where to pitch it.



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