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DC's great revitalization story: Columbia Heights

One of DC's best stories of revitalization-in-the-making is the Columbia Heights neighborhood, north of downtown

Priority Parking for Hybrids?

Jay Goltz discusses how the Whole Foods grocery store near his home in Chicago has set aside several prime parking spots for hybrid...

The Dream DOT Director? DC's Gabe Klein Interview

While far from anti-car, Gabe is encouragingly open about his desire to "level the playing field" for pedestrians, transit users and cyclists

Consumer Questions Answered

Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen answers viewers' questions on state lemon laws, community supported agriculture and insulated job sectors. Maggie Rodriguez reports

What Is a Good City?

In a Great City People Want to Go Outside

Honduras/ The Organization for Youth Empowerment

By Richard Lakin I heard from friends in Honduras a few days ago about the ongoing political crisis there. Everyone is safe, but...

Auto-ban: German town goes car-free

Now the sound of birdsong has replaced the roar of traffic and children can play in the street.

Sharrows in Long Beach!

You would think that car drivers would be happy that cyclists reduce the number of vehicles they have to grapple with, but it...

High Tech for a Historic City—A 21-Year-Old Web Entrepreneur’s View of the Big Computing Center Planned for His Home Town

I say with confidence that my city is next in line for metamorphosis

Ecosocialism - Going Green For The Common Good

Said it before, say it again - we are all in this together, so let’s start acting like it



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