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Why Is the World Bank Subsidizing Dirty Coal Power?

The venerable financial institution recently released a draft Energy Strategy for the next decade that includes funding for CO2-spewing coal projects

COP15 Brief – Day Eight: Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object: Politics and Science at COP 15

By Francesca Rheannon The first week of COP15 saw major tussles shaping up between the developed economies like the U.S., the emerging economies...

Soros says has way to unlock climate finance

Billionaire financier George Soros suggests using International Monetary Fund assets to mobilize stalemate on climate finance.

Britain Unveils Whopping Tax On Bank Bonuses; U.S. Windfall Tax Proposal Going Nowhere

UK government announced that it wouldn't stand idly by as they showered themselves with obscene bonuses made possible by last year's massive infusion...

Don Shaffer Speaks at The Economics of Peace

The conference focused on alternatives to our current economic system and highlighted successful business and economic models

Small Deposits Add Up: Savings, not just loans factor into Microfinance formula

Microfinance enables savings in areas of extreme poverty. Global Forum sponsored by Mercy Corps. World Changing

Thomson Reuters buys ASSET4

“This deal comes at a time when financial firms and investors alike push for more transparency and disclosure on ESG factors...

Department of Energy Is Urged to Halt Loan Guarantees for Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Another influential group that has questioned the deployment of nuclear power is socially responsible investors

Buffett's firm to buy Burlington Northern

"Our country's future prosperity depends on its having an efficient and well-maintained rail system," Buffett said in a statement.

How and Where GE Is Placing Its Cleantech Bets

Kevin, tell me just as we get started, why is GE in the Venture Capital business and talk a little bit about your...



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