February 26, 2020

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Al Gore: Quarterly reporting should be stopped

The practice of companies issuing their results every quarter should be stopped, in the name of long-term and environmentally sustainable investing, according to...

Tim Geithner: We Need To Make Sure Corporations 'Pay Their Fair Share'

Tim Geithner is arguing that the current tax code is unfair and privileges some people and corporations over others.

Paul Krugman: Things Are Not O.K.

In a better world — specifically, a world with a better policy elite — a good jobs report would be cause for unalloyed...

The Fat Tax: Why Taxing Soda Can Save America $17 Billion

Let's get smart about taxes, and tax less of those things we want more of - like jobs and income - and more...

If the Economy Tanks When Democracy Advances, We Have a Serious Problem

Is the march of democracy a threat to our economy and comparable to that of a horrific natural disaster?

Blood & Gore’s Manifesto For Sustainable Capitalism

What can business do to pursue sustainable capitalism? John Elkington takes a page out of Al Gore and David Blood's book Mainfesto for...

Can we overcome the inertia that sustains the ill-founded dominance of GNP?

The purpose of an economic system is to help organize human activities in ways that create healthy human communities and ecosystems for both...

8 Ways to Sustain a Stock Exchange

When companies around the world are focusing on responsibility and sustainability, the NYSE Euronext can be a sort of role model and convener,...

Wise Ethical Investment Seeks Profit

Nursing a social conscience need not rule out making a profit. Ethical investing can be the answer, according to The Wall Street Journal.

'Do You Speak Money?' - The Language of Inequity

Who is financially literate these days? Jude Smith Rachele poses the question on Talkback.



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