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Top 12 Consumer Insights

This content collection showcases best-in-class consumer engagement studies reflecting how customers positively connect with brands' sustainability programs.

Corporate Legitimacy & Doubling Down on Materiality: Prove It or Lose It?

Is it time to prove materiality is a worthwhile activity or lose it from our vocabulary entirely? Dwayne Baraka reports on Talkback.

Why Emissions Targets Must Be Based on Science

Don't be fooled by rhetoric of change. Businesses must set carbon targets based on science, and not what suits them. Guardian.

Study: Green Advertising Helped BP Recover from the Deepwater Horizon Spill

Greenwashing works - that's one interpretation of a recent National Bureau of Research working paper. HBR.

Adding Telecommuting to Your CSR Program: What the Data Tells Us

How can telecommuting be documented and reported so it can fit into an existing CSR program? Michael Gutman weighs in.

GRI vs IIRC vs SASB: Round Nine. All lose.

We are witnessing a leadership battle for ownership of sustainability transparency and it's not a good thing, writes Elaine Cohen.

Footprint First Times

Sustainability reporting can be challenging at first. Derek Eisel, Scope5, breaks the ice. On Talkback.

SASB and IIRC Team Up on Corporate Disclosure, Reporting

An MoU outlines the basis for ongoing cooperation to strengthen guidance to companies about improved disclosure. EL.

Looking Ahead: The Importance of Materiality

Deloitte financial experts hasten to cast your net wide enough to capture non-financials, ESG data, for future reports. On Talkback.

The Benefits of Total Impact Measurement and Management

In a recent study, 93% of CEOs surveyed globally believe measuring their companies' total impact could help business. WebFilings.



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