February 26, 2020

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Project H.O.P.E.: A Health Center Helping an Underserved Community

Making access to health a priority for the most vulnerable patients. Eileen Howard Boone, CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, tells how.

Budgeting Bliss into your Business: What Happiness is Costing You

How to boost employees' happiness – and the bottom line. Shawn Ellis tells how on Talkback.

Notorious Anti-GMO Study Is Retracted - Creating More Controversy

The paper's explosive finding was laboratory rats fed GMO corn, a type widely used in the US, developed huge tumors. LATimes.

Hacking Happiness: How To Give Big Data a Direction

John C. Havens talks about: quantified self, the Internet of Things, augmented reality & hacking happiness through technology. TED.

Delicious Food Is Not an Indulgence - It's a Way to Solve Our Ecological Crises

Since publishing "Diet for a Small Planet," the food movement has blossomed beyond what author Frances Moore Lappé ever imagined. Here's how.

Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Lead Race to Safer Chemicals

With newly announced chemical policies, these retailers are moving beyond regulations to reduce chemical footprints. GreenBiz.

Quantifying Happiness: The Measure of Wellbeing at Work

By implementing transparent practices and new employee wellbeing technologies, workers and your bottom line will benefit. John Havens for Talkback.

Shining a Light on Healthcare Heroes

This single commodity caused maternal deaths in a Nigerian hospital to drop 70%. Non-profit, We Care Solar, is saving lives. HuffPost.

The Social Impact of Honey Bees: The Problem with Problems

Bee health affects our ecological commons - and there's a problem with their health. But who's problem is it? Richard Crespin, Talkback.

GE Focus Forward Introduces a Medical Advancement That's Hard to Forget

Visually shocking, but an awesome medical device nonetheless, GE presents a heart-saving solution. Upworthy.



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