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As Honeybees Continue to Struggle, USDA Spends $3M to Kickstart Recovery

Agricultural production is threatened by a more than decade-long decline in honeybees due to habitat loss & pesticide use. HuffPost.

Americans Want Antibiotic-free Chicken, and the Industry is Listening

In an age when consumers want transparency in how their food is produced, meat producers are under the microscope. NPR.

Farmers Are Growing More Biotech Crops than Ever, Report Reveals

Campaigns against GM food continue, but a new survey shows 18M farmers in 27 countries planted biocrops in 2013. Marc Gunther.

This 3rd Grader Actualizes the Harm of Bud Nip

This 3rd grader shocked everyone with her experiment that shows the difference between organic and conventional. UpInspire.

4 Tips to Promote Sustainability in Healthcare

The green movement in healthcare is proving to be the right thing to do for the environment and financial sustainability. Kevin Fuller.

Buddha Got It Right: Relax the Mind, and Productivity Will Follow

Many ancient teachings coincide perfectly with modern research on improved mental agility. FastCo.

Notorious Anti-GMO Study Is Retracted - Creating More Controversy

The paper's explosive finding was laboratory rats fed GMO corn, a type widely used in the US, developed huge tumors. LATimes.

Hacking Happiness: How To Give Big Data a Direction

John C. Havens talks about: quantified self, the Internet of Things, augmented reality & hacking happiness through technology. TED.

Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Lead Race to Safer Chemicals

With newly announced chemical policies, these retailers are moving beyond regulations to reduce chemical footprints. GreenBiz.

Shining a Light on Healthcare Heroes

This single commodity caused maternal deaths in a Nigerian hospital to drop 70%. Non-profit, We Care Solar, is saving lives. HuffPost.



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