April 05, 2020

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Food makers to trim 1.5 trillion calories

Several of the nation's largest food companies say they will take 1.5 trillion calories out of their products by 2015 in an effort...

Questions About Cellphones and Brain Tumors

Though study suggests no direct link, some think risks among heaviest users warrent attention.

Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure

Children exposed to higher levels of a type of pesticide found in trace amounts on commercially grown fruit and vegetables are more likely...

Green exercise may be good for your head

A new study finds that surprisingly small doses of outdoor activity boost mood, self-esteem - enjoy the weekend

Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report

Presidential panel urges removal of carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air.

Why it matters that the FDA is beating USDA for control of food system

Small-scale food producers and farmers have been vocal about their concerns that the Senate will pass highly burdensome food-safety legislation.

Infographic: How Does Health Reform Work?

How Health Reform Covers Everyone While Saving Us Money: a Step-by-Step Look.

In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality

Economic inequality takes biggest hit since inequality began rising more than three decades ago. NYT

What's Really in Your Food?

Ever wonder what's actually in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget? Turns out, the "chicken" alone contains seven ingredients. And that's before you even get...

Homeopathic Medicine: Europe's #1 Alternative for Doctors

Homeopathy's growing popularity throughout the world continues to prove that skeptics are really simply medical fundamentalists.



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