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Nasty Plastic Meets Its Nemesis

As of this week, Bisphenol A - a compound linked to breast cancer and early puberty, among other things - is considered a...

How Food "Prescriptions" Can Save Our Cities

Affordability, not accessibility, is the problem.

Study Estimates 8,000 Premature Deaths Per Year Caused by Unregulated Airplane Emissions

Researchers from MIT and the University of Cambridge in the UK have released a study that attributes about 8,000 premature deaths to emissions...

Target for universal access to HIV medicine is missed

A new report says only a third of people worldwide who need life-saving HIV drugs are actually getting treated.

How much food in the supermarket is genetically modified?

A consumer believes that the discussion over genetically modified foods makes no sense because "virtually every food we consume today has been genetically...

The Results Are In: School Gardening Works

Children who grow their own food (and prepare and eat it too) make healthier food choices.

Study: America Is Officially the Fattest Developed Country in the World

If you tuned into the season premier of the Biggest Loser last night - during which the reality show's trainers Bob Harper and...

Play, Eat, Learn...a winning formula

'Reverse lunch' concept promotes wellness; children have an active recess, then chow down.

Gov 2.0 | Pillbox Hopes to Create Cure for Disparate Drug Data

The Pillbox project has already begun such a database, and it is an example of what is so Web 2.0 about some recent...

Genetically Modified Salmon Close to FDA Approval

Is it safe? Heralding a major step in a new era of nutrition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears ready to approve...



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