July 12, 2020

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Green Seal at 25: Still looking to make its mark

The environmental standards and labeling organization Green Seal celebrates 25 years of trying to transform the marketplace.

Throwing competition to the wind: how cocoa manufaturers are collaborating

Our collective appetite for high-quality chocolate has led to an increase in cocoa production at an average annual rate of more than 3%....

How far will Chipotle go to source grass-fed organic beef?

Western consumers have grown incredibly health-conscious lately, prompting many supermarkets and restaurants to offer customers beef products from grass-fed cows.

Will GMO Labeling Muddy the Sustainable Food Waters or Make Things Clearer?

SRI themes come to light in industries we touch every day. Agriculture & food are prime exs. in the emergence of GMOs.

Shop Your Values: What Does 'Sustainable' Really Mean?

How do customers gauge sustainable products? Scot Case, UL Environment director, answers. 3p.

Heinz Hurls Tomatoes at Ford's Latest Green Car Project

The corporate giants have launched of a new project to find out if discarded tomato fiber can be processed into bioplastics. GreenBiz.

A Grocery Store in Berlin Will Have Zero Packaging

Original Unpacked won't have any plastic containers or paper wrapping--but tell that to those who have tried and failed. FastCo.

The WaterBean: The Newest Solution to Plastic Bottle Pollution

A simple shake and swirl of the bottle activates the WaterBean filter to purify tap water into clean drinking water.

Levi's CEO: Stop Washing Your Jeans

Chip Bergh says he has a pair he hasn't washed in a year. 'I have yet to get a skin disease,' he adds....

Inside Ford's Sustainable Design Vision

A solar sedan and a pickup truck may have more in common than you expect--here's why. GreenBiz.



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