February 22, 2020

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When CEOs pursue lower taxes - surprise! - the public gets mad

When Google's Eric Schmidt showed up last week to discuss tax reform, he had to leave through the back door. The Daily Beast.

Preventing Conflict Diamonds and Dirty Gold Has Failed

Trade unions and environmental groups team up to expose deep flaws in jewellery certification system in a new report.

7 Tips for Transforming Society: Why Leadership of The Future Starts With Silence

Giles Hutchins has seven tips for leaders who aim to transform society. Find them on Talkback.

Creating Social Innovation Collaboratives: Shifting From 'Scale' to 'Reach'

In collaboration there is strength -- and innovation. Ron Schultz explains on Talkback.

Why Savar Solutions and Fast Fashion may not be Compatible

Heather White, Harvard Network Fellow, dives into the pressures that are imposed on factory owners in Bangladesh and what can be done.

How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour, Step 8: Have the Right People Whispering in Your Ear

Raj Rajaratnam sits in jail for insider trading, but is the practice endemic to Wall Street? Les Leopold explores the issue on Talkback.

How To Make A Millions Dollars An Hour, Step 7: Don’t Say Anything Remotely Truthful

Does the hedge fund industry push managers to be unethical? Les Leopold explores the question on Talkback.

Will Walmart Follow Nike's Path in the Wake of Bangledesh Factory Fire?

Raz Godelnik compares Walmart's connection to the tragedies in garment factories in Bangladesh to Nike's sweatshop debacle 20 years ago. Image:3p.

How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour, Step 6: Rig Your Bets

Hedge funds, big banks collude to fleece investors. Les Leopold shows how on Talkback.

How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour, Step 5: Betting Is For Chumps

Think Wall Street is a casino? It is, only hedge funds are the House. Les Leopold explains on Talkback.



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