January 23, 2020

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The Failure of Fiduciary Duty: A Ready-to-Use Corporate Umbrella?

Using "fiduciary duty" as an excuse for being socially irresponsible hurts investors. Bob Monks explains on Talkback.

Unilever, Monsanto Get Innovation Lessons from Mobs

GreenBiz reports: Don't fear the "smart mobs," the fringe groups that keep governments and corporations honest. They may be key to innovation.

"People are Dying Producing Your Product": In Conversation with Arche Advisers CEO Greg Gardner

The skinny on reforming supply chain abuses in Bangladesh. Kelly Eisenhardt talks with auditing expert Greg Gardner on Talkback.

Barack Obama's spiritual advisor turns his attention to ethical business

Jim Wallis manages to translate what he sees as divine truths into down-to-earth concepts that even hard-nosed business folk can agree with.

Amazon Receives $600 Million CIA Computer Cloud Contract

IBM is contesting the contract, but $600M was awarded. Question is: How will Bezos allow the Washington Post to cover? Truthout.

What Steve Jobs Knew About the Importance of Values to Your Company

The future of profit is purpose. Steve Jobs understood this well. He was in Marketing 3.0, where marketing is about meaning & values.

The McDonald's Business Model and the $15 Wage Debate

3p's Raz Godelnik examines how McDonald's would rethink their business model to manage a substantial increase in wages.

The Light And Dark of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a great force for good. But is it being subverted? Francesca Rheannon ponders the question on Talkback.

Is Ethical Advertising Finally Gaining Traction?

"Ethical advertising” an oxymoron? Rosalinda Sanquiche reports on how it’s gaining adherents. On Talkback.

CMO vs. CSO: 8 Steps to Bridge the Divide That Could Undo Your Business

As difficult as it is, CMOs and CSOs must step outside corporate culture and embrace the role business must play in social change.



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