January 23, 2020

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Dear Charlie Rose: More Transparency Please

Charlie Rose needs to look the gift horse in the mouth: Hazel Henderson holds the TV host's feet to the fire on Talkback.

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

Taxpayers fund stadiums, antitrust law doesn't apply to broadcast deals, the league enjoys nonprofit status & more. The Atlantic.

BBMG-SHFT Partnership Helping Brands Engage Savvy, Values-Driven Consumers

The partnership offers a new approach to developing and delivering original branded content designed to disrupt and delight. SB.

Inviting Foxes to the Henhouse: Have Fossil Fuel Interests Captured the Climate Talks?

Now we know why the climate talks always fail. Francesca Rheannon reports on Talkback.

What China's 2014 Chairmanship of the Kimberley Process Could Tell the World

Like a diamond, is Kimberley forever? China, home of an emerging consumer class & largest jewelry retailer, could be proactive. Brad Brooks-Rubin.

Challenging the Ethics of Colorism: The Future Is Bright

Bringing an end to colorism: Jude Smith Rachele presents the vast array of issues surrounding colorism and how to end it.

JP Morgan to Pay $13 Billion in Fines, But Still No Criminal Charges Against Top Execs

After negotiations between US Attorney Gen. Eric Holder & JPM Chief Jamie Dimon, it has, NYT reports, agreed to pay. Mark Karlin.

Nobel Prize Winner Warns of Another Housing Bubble

Robert Shiller, one of three 2013 economics Nobel prize winners, expressed alarm at the rapid rise in global housing prices. HuffPost.

How Can You Do Business with 2.7 Billion $2-a-Day Customers?

Unlocking the market to the bottom billions. Mal Warwick reveals the eight keys you need. On Talkback.

When Big Brands Stumble: Starbucks and Toyota on Hyper-transparency

With more attention on everything from supply chain to product development to social media, are the days of hiding business failures over?



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