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The Crucial Missing Element in Media Coverage of the US Climate Change Debate: the Ethical Duty to Reduce GHG Emissions

In late June, Scotland passed the climate change law that was being debated during my March visit, a law that requires a 42%...

Is Optimism a Competitive Advantage

Companies don't measure the optimism of the employees. Instead they rely on engagement scores, typically gathered by outside consultants who exhaustively survey the...

A Greener View of Corporate ‘Eco’-nomics

Today’s U.S. consumer is demanding a “call to action” for corporations to be good environmental stewards of our natural resources and to develop...

Indian Tech Industry Pushes for E-waste Laws

E-waste dumping abroad continues to be a significant issue that nations are working to address.

Green Talk Radio: Achieving Corporate Carbon Neutrality with Yahoo! Green

Sean Daily, talks with Chris Page, Director of Climate and Energy Strategy of Yahoo! announces, the corporation’s commitment to carbon neutrality.

BBC Spending $670,000 of Public Money on Bottled Water Annually

BBC spending on bottled water is off the charts, reports say BBC spending in excess of $670,000.

So Much For That; EPA Won’t Back Up GM’s 230 MPG Claim

"EPA has not tested a Chevy Volt and therefore cannot confirm the fuel economy values claimed by GM."

Kraft Overhauls Its Manufacturing Ops to Cut Water Use by 21 Percent

Snack giant Kraft Foods has managed to save 3 billion gallons of water by adopting new manufacturing and cleaning methods

Meet Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase

Meet Jamie Dimon, the smooth-talking CEO of JPMorgan Chase and the man at the top of a very dirty pile of money backing...

Lifecycle Assessment Boosts Transparency of Sustainability Performance

Retailers are demanding more information about their suppliers’ sustainability programs and a higher degree of transparency



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