July 07, 2020

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Mass consumerism: The end of Gandhi's vision?

Businesses can make a difference in India - but not by feeding the consumerist psychology, says Jo Confino on the Guardian.

The For-Benefit Enterprise

We are in a new era. For-profit businesses are tackling ESG issues, nonprofits are developing sustainable business models...by Heerad Sabeti, artwork by Sarah...

Why Corporations With a Social Purpose Perform Better

PepsiCo, IBM and Cemex are all addressing CSR in innovative ways -- and doing better business because of it. On Forbes.

KPMG's Citizenship Director: Occupy Wall Street Protests Must Drive [Business] Transformation

KPMG’s Director of Citizenship and Diversity gives opening keynote at this year’s Net Impact Conference in Portland. By Aman Singh.

The study that shows why Occupy Wall Street struck a nerve

Hard-right conservatives who dominate the Republican Party claim to despise the redistribution of wealth, but secretly they love it. On WashingtonPost.com.

Occupy the Banks: Strategies for Transformation

Beyond revolution and reform: Gar Alperovitz on how we can fundamentally transform our financial system. On YES!

Coca-Cola Gets Real with Polar Bears

For the next few months Coca-Cola's animated polar bears will be stepping aside to put the spotlight on their real-life counterparts, on Ad...

America's 25 Highest-Paid CEOs

Amid 'Occupy Wall Street' protests, the super rich continue to be counted, on Forbes.

Wall Street Journal circulation scam claims senior Murdoch executive

Andrew Langhoff resigns as European publishing chief after exposure of secret channels of cash to help boost sales figures | Guardian.

Who are the 1 percent?

Taken literally, the top 1 percent of American households had an income of $516,633 in 2010. Let's call them half-millionaires. | The WashPost



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