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The CSRlive videos section includes films made by individuals and organizations showcasing corporate sustainability, citizenship, and community involvement. Contributors include individuals and organizations from throughout the corporate social responsibility community.

My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process

When asked to build housing for 100 families in Chile ten years ago, Alejandro Aravena looked to an unusual inspiration: the wisdom of...

"10 Words or Less" with Aman Singh, former CSRwire editorial director

Singh, vice president for business and social purpose at Edelman, is a former journalist who has written for the Wall Street Journal, GreenBiz,...

Paul Gilding: Gives Keynote Speech at Ceres Conference 2014

Paul Gilding takes on the future of civilization and says we're at the point of consequences and change will happen quickly.

Foodies Fight to Save Detroit with Job Hopes Pinned on Arugula

Michigan has the fourth-biggest number of farmers markets; and with automobile jobs gone, many are turning to urban farming. Bloomberg.

What is Sustainability? CIPS and EFMD business education video

Waste is anything that cannot be sold, right? So why aren't business creating less waste? This video explains why sustainability is good.

Unilever CEO: For sustainable business, go against 'mindless consumption'

Unilever sells goods to two billion people every day - yet CEO Paul Polman criticizes "mindless consumption." Video/photo:

The Four Responsible Entrepreneur Archetypes

Hear how business icons like Steve Jobs and Oprah as well as everyday business people are taking on roles that can make a...

Interview: In Conversation with Maurice Biriotti of SHM

Maurice Biriotti, founder and chief executive of SHM, talks to The Guardian's Jo Confino on what Hamlet can teach us about the complexity...

Video: Our Fatal Addiction to Oil

A production from Alexander Perry for the Post Carbon Institute, this is a magnificent video on a very important topic of our time,...

'Natural Is Down To Interpretation; Certifying Products Will Stop Confusion'

Watch the video and find out just how many companies are living up to natural and organic marketing claims. More details on



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