February 26, 2020

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Band-Aid, Campbell's Soup and AT&T Come Together to Shine a Light on Autism

These brands came together to create a PSA that shines a light on the early diagnosis of autism.

This 3rd Grader Actualizes the Harm of Bud Nip

This 3rd grader shocked everyone with her experiment that shows the difference between organic and conventional. UpInspire.

Hacking Happiness: How To Give Big Data a Direction

John C. Havens talks about: quantified self, the Internet of Things, augmented reality & hacking happiness through technology. TED.

GE Focus Forward Introduces a Medical Advancement That's Hard to Forget

Visually shocking, but an awesome medical device nonetheless, GE presents a heart-saving solution. Upworthy.

One Person in India Dies from Cancer Every 50 Seconds

The country is home to 17% of the global population but suffers from 21% of the disease burden, WHO states. Article/Photo:Bloomberg.

The Battle for Containing Fukushima Radioactive Waste Is Drowning

Water has overflowed at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. TEPCO is attempting to discern the quality of the water. RT.com.

Unilever Lifebuoy Premieres Unique Film to Launch Pioneering Health Campaign

(Video): Unilever's health soap, Lifebuoy, has launched its latest initiative to help reduce the deaths of two million children before age 5 from...

Jeff Bridges Talks 'The Dude' as a 'Zen master'

Actor Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman co-author a new book, "The Dude and the Zen Master," inspired by Bridges' role in "The Big...

Answering The Call For Sustainable Healthcare

Getting consumers on board for sustainable health care. Marc Stoiber reports on Talkback.

Without labels for GMOs, we're all eating in the dark

Polls show overwhelming support for GMO food labels. Good luck getting Congress, the FDA or the USDA to sign on | Grist.



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