February 26, 2020

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The CSRlive videos section includes films made by individuals and organizations showcasing corporate sustainability, citizenship, and community involvement. Contributors include individuals and organizations from throughout the corporate social responsibility community.

This Hydrogen-Powered Car Could Be The Future Of Sustainable Mobility

The car is expected to hit the market in 2018.

A Video Tour of the World's largest Solar Thermal Plant

Shams 1 in Abu Dhabi is set to open, providing the largest (single-unit) experiment yet in solar (CSP) technology.

Our Changing Cities: Greening for Food & Profits

Greening the cityscape for food and profit: author and sustainable foodie Katharine Gustafson digs into the story on Talkback.

UPS's Biofuel Blend Brings Green Future

UPS is looking forward to a greener future, with a switch to a biofuel blend for hundreds of pieces of airport equipment in...

Climate and Energy

Awesome video shows us what the messaging on climate and clean energy must become.

Energy Professionals Get It, Why Can't Our Political Leaders?

A survey of energy professionals showed "76% believe govt. regulations should require utility companies to produce more energy from renewable sources."

Republicans Embrace Nuclear Power

In his 2010 book, "No Apology," Mitt Romney, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, makes no apology for his unwavering support of nuclear...

Concentrated Solar Power Tower In Seville, Spain: The Future Of Electricity? (VIDEO)

"If you wanted to generate all the world's electricity, you could do it with less than 1% of the area of the world's...

Coal vs. Solar

CNBC discussion on whether investors should get in on coal or solar stocks.

Solar Plant in Western Mass. is Complete

A new solar plant was unveiled today that will bring environmental and economical benefits to Western Mass.



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