July 11, 2020

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Digital Divide Propels Barnes & Noble Past Rival

The digital divide has created a chasm between the nation's two biggest bookstore chains: Borders vs. Barnes & Noble.

Shell Moving to Drill in the Atlantic

The company has spent more than $3.5 billion on federal leases and preparations to drill in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. The investment...

Powered by Moonshine

What do US taxpayers get for the recently renewed ethanol subsidy?

Lithium: The New Gold Rush

Lithium is used for everything from cell phone batteries to mood disorder medication. And now that the push for plug-in cars is on,...

Erin Brockovitch II?

It appears that contaminated groundwater in Hinkley, CA is spreading.

'Prize Philanthropy'

Skeptics think high-profile philanthropy contests may not be about supporting causes.

When Corporate Responsibility Means Going Local: Abhijit Upadhye

Abhijit Upadhye discusses how McDonald's move to India has resulted in the creation of local opportunities in agriculture & food production, storage &...

Disaster Response: Lessons Learned from Haiti

Stanford professor of surgery, Paul Auerbach, shares lessons on leadership, nonprofit management & supply chain expertise learned in Haiti after the earthquake.

Social Enterprise in Food Supply Chains: Panel Discussion

This panel discusses how two California companies have partnered to create a local distribution system to get locally grown products into institutional settings.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cotton Farms

Levi Strauss executive Michael Kobori discusses the company's efforts to make its cotton production more sustainable.



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