July 05, 2020

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Big Promise Entrepreneurs: Elevating Responsible Business


Based on the new book from Carol Sanford, The Responsible Entrepreneur, this Talkback series will tell the stories of real life Big Promise Entrepreneurs (BPEs) and how they pursue and pull off seemingly impossible feats of social change.

"No problem has been solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

The BPE's path is to build and grow a business with the intention to make fundamental changes well beyond being a good business itself, or even ensuring the values embedded in its way of operating are right.

Responsibility isn't a set of metrics to be tracked or behaviors to be modified. It is central to both the purpose and the prosperity of a business and must be pervasive in its practices. The question of how to be a Responsible Business is therefore relevant to all organizations including nonprofits, governments, and schools that usually don't see themselves as businesses as well as those corporations that don't imagine themselves to be interested in responsibility.

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